Bona for wood floors?

Lake_GirlSeptember 22, 2011

Has anyone used Bona to clean their hardwood floors in the kitchen and elsewhere? It seems like everyone has a different opinion on cleaning hardwwood floors.


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Yes, we use it.

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Planning to use it based on recommendations from the 4 hardwood companies I spoke with during quote stage. My floor was just laid last week and won't be sanded and finished until next.

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We have no wood floors in our current house, but in two previous houses contractors/floor layers recommended Bona, and we used it and liked it.

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If you have old HW floors Bona refresher ( avail online not in stores near here =( ) is amazing - Note Bona should only be used on varnished floors and NOT over wax or other finishes - test a small area if you are not sure. My floors look like they have been redone!

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Sounds like a good product! I'm going to give it a try. I have the old BonaX mop (I think that's what it is). I might try it first with the cleaner, before buying a new mop.

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Wow, I am surprised by the responses, cause my wood re-finisher said specifically not to use Bona. He said use vinegar greatly diluted in water, dampen a mop or cloth just barely, to clean the wood floors. He said Bona and similar products leave build-up and over time I will get dull floors that will look dirty. I wonder if it is different recommendations for the type of floor. Mine are fairly old, real oak (not veneer or engineered wood).

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We've used Bona per rec. of our installers/refinishers on both the new and old (real) maple in our kitchen-dining areas for almost a year now. I haven't noticed any problem with build-up and it hasn't dulled the floors at all.

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We have reclaimed heart pine and bona floor cleaner was recommended. It leaves no residue or build up of any kind. The bona hardwood cleaner is different from the refresher. I have used the cleaner for 10 years and have been happy with it. The refresher is more for restoration of the floor.

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I usually just use hot water, and a squeezed out sponge mop. I mop small sections and immediately dry it up with an old towel. I was hoping the Bona might be a little easier. I thought vinegar would dull your wood. Just not sure.

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We just purchased bamboo flooring from a local flooring-only place. Although the flooring hasn't actually made it to our house yet, the flooring guy gave us a starter kit of Bona and said that's what we should use.

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I've always used vinegar and water ... on the 60 year old red oak and the 3 year old prefinished red oak. I clean on my hands and knees and dry as I go.

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We will be putting hard woods in this spring and my flooring guy highly recommends Bona. He even uses their products exclusively to finish and seal his floors. He sits on the board of the National Wood Flooring Association and he clearly knows his stuff, so his opinion is as good as gold to me.

Sadly, I contacted the company twice to see if my chemically sensitive hubby might be allergic to their cleaners and they haven't ever taken the time to reply. My guess is yes.

SO I guess my response is that it's probably the best stuff out there to use, but I'm so glad to hear some of you use vinegar and water and that's working, because that's probably what I'll be doing....

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We have Bona but I honestly have to say that I don't notice much difference as far as the outcome between the Bona and vinegar/water spray that I also sometimes not sure if that's an endorsement or not! :) I have heard good things about their floor refresher stuff, though (different from the plain cleaner) so I might give that a spin at some point.

It may also have to do with how your floors are finished, though---ours are finished with a water-based matte finish of some sort, so they look very different (= never shiny, always a bit dull) from our neighbor's identical floors finished in a polyurethane (= glossy so dirt shows more, but they clean up more beautifully too).

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Artemis, my 60-year-old oak floors have 3 coats of glossy poly (refinished 30 years ago). The prefinished oak is satin finish. Both clean up the same with the vinegar/water.

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I have never mopped my wood floors in the eight years I've lived here. One of the reasons I like wood floors is that I don't have to mop them the way I did with the tile floor in my previous home. One less cleaning task thank goodness. So, you guys mop the entire wood floor? Whew! I do vacuum regularly, and for drips and spills, I spot-clean with diluted vinegar and water. I have no idea if Bona is better or not, but the vinegar and water works great, and "if it ain't broke...", plus it's cheap.

And my family constantly walk barefoot in the house - I am concerned, like Ayerg73, about chemicals that may be absorbed through the skin or breathing. There's also the dog and the cats who all lick their feet the way animals do. Anyway, my oak floors are from the '60's, and look great, so my vinegar/water spot-clean method must be fine.

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Their cleaner and mop are really good (you still have to put your back into it if you have children who walk through their own spills)... BUT BUT BUT, DO NOT use their polish. I polished the kitchen floors a month ago and I would have had to suspend from the ceiling with a spray gun to apply it without streaks. Now I'm trying to get it up from the floors, and I've not had success. It's just a mess of hazy lines. Next stop, amonia and water.

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Call Bona and ask what you're supposed to do about that? Would ammonia be too harsh?

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My parents have a swedish finish over oak (about 15 yrs old) and Bona makes their floor look dull and terrible so she gave me all her Bona. It makes my newer plank tongue and groove birch hardwood floor look great. So I agree with the above poster who said it depends on the finish.

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Lake Girl, I haven't called them. I'm going off of an amazon review where another user had the same issue. They called the company and the solution was to use an amonia/hot water solution and scrub. I tested an area of the floor today and it's helping. I think the gameplan is to scrub a 6x6 section every day until I'm done and then do the whole floor.

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