Broken Cabinet Door

basilbumSeptember 11, 2013

Just wondered if someone could recommend some avenues/resources for fixing or replacing a kitchen cabinet door. My father's love of slamming them (*rolls eyes*) has left them completely cracked where the hinges are. i.e. there's nothing left to screw into. So I guess my prelim questions are:

1. Can they be repaired?
2. If not, how do you match color and style to the rest of the cabinets without having to replace them all?

Thanks so much

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Can't help you with the replacement aspect, but I would try some sandable/drillable wood filler in the cracks first, let it dry and then try reattaching the hinges. Hopefully most of the damaged areas are on the insides of the doors. If that works, you might also considering retrofitting with some soft-close hardware to prevent slamming altogether.

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Best solution is wood plugs (bungs). You end up with a circle 1/2" diameter of new wood- won't likely match but not really ugly if done well. You might find a local woodworker willing to take on a small job.

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You haven't mentioned if the cabinets belong to you or your father. Slamming doors and drawers is a pretty bad habit, discounting of course, if this action is due to dementia.

Here's an after market product for cabinets that is supposed to prevent slamming.

Here is a link that might be useful: Kwik Fix Damper Cabinet Door Soft Close

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