bold talavera tile backsplash

dee850September 2, 2013

I started working on my budget DIY kitchen renovation back in January (after loads of help from folks here during the planning phase), so this has been a long time coming. It's not completely finished - still need to do some molding, toe kicks, and some other trim, but we're close. We finally finished the countertop-to-ceiling tile and installed out range hood this past week, so I wanted to share that progress. The tiles are irregular, so I chose a wider grout line. I think if I were to do it again, I might have gone tighter on that. But it's done and we're happy.

The dark blue tile you can see a bit of at the top on the left in the below photo was a perfect fit to fill the space between the last full tile and the ceiling. My original plan was to cut the tiles to fit, but they turned out to be difficult to cut smoothly, plus my ceiling is wonky, so we went with this idea to make life simpler. They do run across the length of the ceiling, it's just the angle of the photo that cuts them off on the right.

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Very pretty!

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Wow, that looks fabulous! What a great job, and great colors with your counters, too. I rather like the grout lines because they add so much to the design, and the wider grout in the blue strip at the top is just a wonderful extra accent.

Are those, by any chance, Ramsjo doors? They look so much more white than I've seen before. If so, did you paint them? If not, how are they holding up in your opinion?
Thanks for showing such a good job!

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I love it! I've already got a similar tile picked out for the next place I can find for tiles, complete with paint colors. I just love the full wall tile pattern look!

I hope you share more pics when you are done, it looks like a lovely kitchen.

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Fori is not pleased

I really like that!

More photos please. :)

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That is gorgeous!!!!

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Thanks for the positive comments! I will definitely post more photos when we get it cleaned up. I still have tiles stacked on the table, molding strips waiting around on one of the counters, etc. Plus these hideous dollar store neon orange curtains that we bought just for privacy while we wait on finishing the window trim. Never thought we'd be living with those for months, lol!

Smiling, these are the Ramsjo white doors, not painted. We figured we could always go back and paint if we found them too pink in the end, but we are fine with them as they are. They've held up great so far, though it's just near 9 months of use, so not exactly a long time test. The color depends entirely on lighting in my experience. In natural sunlight and some artifical light, they are a warm white, but not pink at all. In some artificial light, and especially in dim light or shade, they can appear more pink. Lighting plus the other colors around the cabinets make the difference, I think. We nixed some other Mexican tile that we originally loved because when we held up the samples on that wall, there was too much yellowish off-white in the tiles, and it seemed like paring them together with the Ramsjo doors made both look significantly worse.

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Thank you dee850, that is so very helpful to know! Especially that the doors have held up well in the middle of a 9 month project. Sounds like you're nearly done now, can't wait for more pics! Thanks again.

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What a lovely backsplash, great tile choice!

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Love that backsplash! Definitely bold and definitely beautiful. And as a fellow DIY backsplasher, I'm really impressed with how precisely the tiles line up. Well done, dee!

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Holly- Kay

Absolutely gorgeous and the grout looks the perfect size for your tiles! There is nothing budget looking at all in your beautiful kitchen. I can't wait to see more pics. Best wishes for many happy years enjoying your beautiful space.

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Really fabulous! What a signature look! Will you post pics of rest your kitchen?

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