remodeling a kitchen to possibly sell, what appliances

katieySeptember 18, 2012

Our 20 year old kitchen is in desperate need of a remodel, tile floors are cracked, formica countertops, cheap cabinetry. We are thinking of selling the house within the next few years so we are doing the remodel for us to enjoy now but also so that the house will sell quickly. We need to get all new appliances but do we invest in a subzero refrigerator and wolf cooking if we don't intend on staying here? Our house would probably sell in the $800,000 range.

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A few questions might help to answer you question...
How does the house compare to other's in the neighbourhood? What part of the country is it in?
Is $800K in the high end or mid range for your location?
My guess is that higher end appliances will be expected for that price.
As a guide, our house is worth roughly equivalent (although we are less likely to sell) and the appliance brand list is: Meile, Gaggenau, Bluestar, Perlick, Kitchenaid. You can also get great appliances without paying the premium for them with careful searching.

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It would be helpful to know more about your house. What people expect for 800K depends on where in the country you are located, and whether yours is the smallest house in your neighborhood, or one of the more substantial properties. Also, is the current state of the kitchen indicative of the state of the rest of the house, or is this the only room that requires renovation? Do high end appliances fit in that house, or are they out of place? It makes no sense to buy a SZ if it will be the only one in a 20 mile radius. On the other hand, if you do invest in high end appliances, you are free to take them with you when you move.

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And possibly Elux - mid range but nicer than average

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do you have Ikea close? many hi end kitchens use Ikea-say white or light shaker cabs....You could get a very nice kitchen without beaucoup money spent.Use standard appliance sizes and work the openings nicely into the design. keep it upscale but neutral-be sure and get good lighting-backsplash can add a little something extra.Then the people will find it perfectly fine for some time without a compelling need to pull it out. But in time,people do like to do a kitchen their way: by doing a really expensive remodel it's a waste in a can't know what walls they'd break into or if they'd see a better layout for their needs. In many ways-just leaving as is since you are that close to selling makes sense,but with what you describe it's understandable to want to do something. But a lot of details and stuff takes so much time in planning-that's why a simpler route might work the best....use all the Ikea storage features and it would be a very nice kitchen to move into.It's a tough call as to what to do/how much time and money to spend.

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Without more info requested above....

I would say the rational thing to do is build to match the average Kitchen in your neighborhood.

Average kitchen has Electrolux/upper mid range appliances get that.

Average kitchen in your area has pro-style appliances get that.

On the one hand you don't want to underwhelm buyers and have to discount and on the other hand you don't want to overimprove becuase you will not get your money back.

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