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misha16September 7, 2012

My stone fabricators left me with this seam and told me this is normal but I do not agree with it I would like to know peoples opinion on this since slab allowed to have 1 piece but fabricator use 1 slab instead of 2 I put on hold at local warehouse and forgot to tell me that

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Sorry here it is.

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It's hard to tell how close up you are to the seam. Do you dislike the color of the caulk/epoxy stuff they used, because I think a darker tone would have worked better.

If you can take a pic with a quarter or something for scale that would be great.

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That's a pretty nice seam. It's tight, uniform, and shows no chipping at the edge. The only thing that could be better is the fill color. It could be a bit darker, but with so many colors in the granite, it's hard to do a seam that won't show against some of them. I'd ask them if they could remove a bit of the fill and refill with something darker.

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Is the issue with the seam quality or the location of the seam? Would using the second slab have prevented the seam but cost way more money? Did he think he was doing you a favor not using the second slab? Was price based on number of slabs or simply square feet?

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Originnaly I been told we need 2 slabs which we choosed at local warehouse.They did come out and tyemplated the work and told us if we remove one of tall cabinet at the end of run they can install as one piece no seam which we gladly accepted later they suggested for "safety" reasons to do 2 piece install even dough size of the slab allowed for one piece install I thought they would cut one slab for penninsula and another will cut in two pieces and join them together at location but actually they used 1 slab for everything and movement does not match on two pieces they joined its Bianco Antico

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I'm so sorry.
Could you take a breath and repeat that?
What I'm getting is
You were told you needed 2 slabs, which you chose.
Then, they said if you took out a cabinet, you'd only need 1.
Then they said, noooo, for safety pieces, you need two slabs?
After that, I lost you.
Maybe because it's 3 in the morning, but I don't understand.

If it's anything, I think the seam is glaringly obvious with the white epoxy. they should be using something clear, darker, or anything less obvious with such pretty granite.

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Misha, I would not be happy with that seam. However, I'm a "what can I do to make this better" kind of person and I would be attacking it myself, with pots of color. I'd replicate the colors in the granite and apply them to each small space.

On the right hand half of the photo, there are little light colored blips that appear to project into dark areas of the granite. What are those? Nicks in the cut? Sloppy bits of grout?

Seriously, I am questioning why it is joined if you reserved enough granite to create your counter without doing so. Doesn't it have support from below the granite? Wouldn't it need support regardless of it being 1 piece or 2?

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To CEFreeman
They used 1 slab for penninsula and rest of the kitchen but originally I was told I needed 2 slabs one to make penninsula and another to make rest of the counter space but later told to avoid breakege and for safety of installers they will have to make L shape out of 2 pieses I figured they will cut L-shape out of one slab and split it but they used 1 slab for evrything so movement does't match plus this is ugly seam in my opinion.
TO MuleHouse
I'm kind a person when hiring proffecional I expect proffecional results other way what is the point of hiring people

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I agree that the seam is unsatisfactory in its color/movement matching. Everytime your eye passes by, you would stop and say, "Oh, there's a seam." Not the effect you were going for. I'm not sure what you can do about it though. Could you take a photo from further away so we can see where this falls on the counter?

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Yes, take a distance shot here so we can see what you're talking about with the "flow" being wrong. If you purchased two slabs, they should have done the job with an eye towards matching the flow better. If you purchased by the square foot, then sometimes the flow isn't as good of a match in corners unless you agree for paying for additional square footage as wastage to get that better match. How many square feet is your counter and what did you pay for the job? That DOES have a bearing on what your expectations can be for the job.

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The seam as it is, is not acceptable, so if you don't want to do a color match to repair the way it looks, then tell them it has to be 1 piece. What is the total length.

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