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susanpnSeptember 12, 2008

OK, anyone see any potential problem with the way the wall ovens are placed here, in the corner? I was debating whether to put the oven cabinet and fridge next to each other at the end of the wall but decided I don't want to do that, so here is how it would be with them separated. Is that wall too choppy with tall things and counter/cab interspersed?

Oven with Convec. MW in corner, also there will be an island with seating that isn't shown, but it will fit so there is plenty of room to access fridge, etc.

Pantry with desk is block at bottom of drawing. BTW, island is just work space and seating, no sink or anything by choice.

Suggestions anyone?


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I hate to be a negative nelly, but I don't think the ovens work there because if you have them pushed back into the corner you have to cut the counter back leaving a weird triangle counter to the left of the cooktop not really useful for anything. If you pull it forward, you still chew up most of that counter. Maybe I need to see it drawn, but it seems that you're island would have to be very small to fit and still leave usable aisles with the penninsula there.

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What if I switch the ovens with the cooktop? No worries about negative feedback, that is how we find good solutions!

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Alku05 has corner ovens. She pushed hers back against the wall. However, you lose about 4' of wall/counter space on each wall.

Check out the thread linked below. Scroll down to see Alku05's ovens.

Here is a link that might be useful: Thread: Wall ovens in the corner...thoughts?

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If you put the cooktop in the corner and slide the ovens all the way over next to the frig, it might work. You would need to use the island as landing space for the frig.

Can I ask what your thoughts are with the function of the penninsula? Is it for people to sit at or for cabinet storage or to keep people out of the kitchen? I think if you got rid of the penninsula, you could put in a nice big square island that would have more storage, more counterspace, and possibly more seating.

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Hmmm. Interesting. Thanks for your thoughts!
Right now the peninsula is dividing the space between the eating area (round table) and thekitchen work area but keeping them connected. There will be shorter upper cabinets with glass on both sides so dishes/glasses are accessible from either side for convenience. I think I want to keep it for the storage because there won't be a lot of upper cabs otherwise.
Putting the ovens and fridge next to each other was what the KD wanted, but I don't like it at all function-wise and know I will be unhappy if I put them together.

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Would it make you crazy if your sink wasn't centered on the windows? I have some ideas percolating if an asymetrical sink/window isn't a dealbreaker.

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I think I am pretty set on having the sink centered with the windows, but I am open to listening before ruling out an asymmetrical possibility.
Buehl-Thanks so much for the photo thread -- I LOVE how that looks. That one has a lot of space between the ovens and the cooktop and mine won't, only about 2 feet. Will it still look good, not unbalanced or anything?

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Does the software you're using have an elevation view? I think you need to what this looks like "in real life"

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I left the sink centered for you, but removed the peninsula because it opens up so many more options. I put the cooktop in the corner to keep it protected, but you could put the ovens in the corner. In this plan, dish and glass storage could go in the large island drawers across the aisle from the dw and frig making it easy to put away dishes and pour a glass of milk. Trash pullout is between the sink and the cooktop. There is a good stretch of counter between cooktop and ovens. The ovens are next to a broom closet or tall pantry.

You can see how with the cutouts drawn into the counter in the corner there wouldn't be 2' of space between the corner ovens and cooktop in the original plan. There would only be space for maybe a 3" spice pullout.

If you were to switch the ovens and cooktop in my plan, you could eliminate the tall cabinet for a regular base to have counterspace on the other side of the cooktop.

The frig is very far away from the mw in this plan, which depending on how you use the mw, could be problematic. I know this plan has elements that won't do it for you, but I'm hoping that seeing the layout might give you some other ideas and help you to refine what you do like.

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Susanpn, if you think you're going to go the corner oven route, email me through the My Page link and I can send you a copy of a long thread with tons of details.

Having said that, I don't think you have enough room on that one wall for a corner oven, cooktop and fridge. In your space with the big window and penninsula, you're short on walls that can accommodate tall things. If it were my space, I would play with a few island layouts so that you can regain the wall space on the far side of the window (dining side of window).

What about something like this?

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OK, thanks for these alternatives! I really don't want to give up my peninsula though. What about putting the ovens where the fridge is and the cooktop in the corner, and putting the fridge with the panty (that 6'7" block)? Would the fridge be too far from things? The island would be the landing area......and I'd lose the desk but could probably have a desk on that appliance wall.
Would that work?
It's frustrating because I feel like this is a pretty decent size kitchen, I shouldn't have to be so pressed for space ;-)

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I posted this picture recently in another thread, but your proposed layout looks very similar to ours, or what we'll have when we get finished. Not sure if you're still thinking of it, but here's what we've got:

and a closeup of the corner oven area:

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