Fridge Water Dispenser inside Fridge - Do You Like?

alwaysfixinSeptember 21, 2012

I may also post this in the Appliances Forum, but I'll start here. We kept our older fridge when we renovated the kitchen, but it looks like it is giving up the ghost so we will replace it after all. We use daily the water dispenser in the door, and have found it very convenient. We've had problems with the ice dispenser part of it. So for the new fridge we are fine with scooping ice out of the bottom freezer instead of getting ice-in-the-door.

We are looking at fridges where water (filtered) is dispensed by a little spout inside the fridge. I am not sure we will be able to adjust to water not in the front of the fridge. Anyone have a fridge with the inside water dispenser, and how do you like it?

BTW, we considered a water chiller under the sink but decided against it due to the expense we are already undergoing having to buy a new fridge.

Our new fridge will be french door non-counter-depth; haven't picked one yet.

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That's what we have, and I like it. I like not having it on the front for superficial appearance reasons, and I also like not having to clean up all the drips down the front. It can be a bit hard to engage the actual dispenser, depending on what type of glass is being used. So sometimes I have to use my hand behind the glass to press the button, if that makes sense. Maybe I just don't push hard enough-my DH doesn't seem to have trouble.

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I will start off by saying until my new fridge I never had a water dispenser or an ice maker of any kind, so my opinion may be a bit off since I am thrilled to finally have both.
I love my interior water dispenser. It takes up no space, works very well and because you have to open the door, my 3 year old and other young children can't get to it and get water all over the floor!

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I am used to it. We had one on the door for years and I was tired of cleaning that little tray on the front door. My samsung fridge with internal water dispenser does have a few drops of water that develop after you get a cup of water. So you have to hold your cup for a few seconds after you fill the cup. But overall I like the clean look on the front of it.

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I thought I would be fine with scooping ice out of the freezer door, but now I'm not. Its just too big a pain to bend down and reach back to the ice thing. I wanted to have the extra space in the door and not have dispenser. (we have a water cooler next to fridge) but my next fridge will definitely have ice in the door, and I assume if it has ice, it will have water too. If reaching down to scoop the ice is no big deal - you are much younger than I!

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We have a Whirlpool Gold with the interior water dispenser and I have to say it is incredibly cold water. Much more than the one in the door previously. Took a little bit to get used to the location on the left side, I would have placed it on right side, but don't miss the nasty tray on the front of the fridge.

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I'm not a fan of the inside the fridge water dispenser, which led us to go with a side by side. Big warning: if you have one and you notice the water starting to slow, that means you have to change the filter. Those filters are 30 each. We had this in our office and had to changer the filter every 2 months.

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Love mine! The outside door types are prone to mold and gunk while my inside one is pristine. I also prefer the solid door look more as well.

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These comments are so helpful, thanks! I think now I am reassured we will be OK with the dispenser inside the fridge. I am surprised no one has mentioned that you are leaving the fridge door open, letting cold air escape, as you fill a glass with water, so I guess it's not much of an energy loss.

Mountaineergirl, we aren't so young, but we "play-acted" at the store scooping ice, and we felt fine with it. Even have our ice scoop picked out (the Oxo, looks awesome) :))

Now to pick the fridge - Whirlpool vs. Kitchenaid (we know they are the same company) vs. Samsung vs. Electrolux. DH loves the look of the Electrolux, but the online reviews are appalling. All I ask is that the icemaker is in the freezer section, not the fridge section. But many french door fridges have the icemaker in the fridge section.

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Always - there was a recent post that someone complained about leaving the door open and the water flow being slow.
My SIL loves hers
I fell in love with the Elux fridge and it didn't offer it.
I keep a 1/2 gallon glass milk bottle in the fridge during the summer - the winter, our water is super cold (and the corollary - it is warm in the summer)
I am thinking of getting a cold water dispenser to put in my pantry. (What I refer to as a water bubbler - cause when you dispense a lot of water, the big air bubble rises to the top and glugs!)
For now, just using the milk jug (I like glass over plastic)

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a2 - that's what we have - a water bubbler haha. That's what I meant by water cooler. we love it, use it for anything we mix with water (crystal light, tea etc) tastes way better than water coming from fridge dispenser which I thought tasted like plastic. We have a water softener and don't like the taste of it, that's why we got it and that was 14 yrs ago

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Thanks mountaingirl.
Just have to figure how to make it fit.
Might have to redo the shelves.

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We recently (Aug.) bought a Kitchenaid refrigerator with an interior dispenser. My DH doesn't seem to mind getting the ice from the freezer. I disliked the outside dispenser because it never looked clean. The only complaint I have with the inside dispenser was a defective water valve. The second day we had the fridge water was sprayed throughout the freezer after using the dispenser. Also water had slowly leaked since it was installed under the fridge and spread under my laminate flooring. I'm still waiting for the replacement part from Whirlpool and to see what needs to be done with the damaged floor and stains on my new cabinets. Hopefully this isn't a common problem with the inside dispenser.

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As an FYI, my appliance guy pointed out something about the KA french door that turned me off it. It has to do with the configuration of the large slide out drawer and the doors. He said they have lots of issues, because if the drawer isn't closed 100% and you shut the doors the things that hold the drawer crack. If you try it on the floor model you will see what he meant.
For me, with 2 sons and a house filled with football players after practice and games from August until November it would have lasted about a week.

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