Flush Mount apron/farmhouse sink?

funsewfunSeptember 4, 2010

Would love to hear from anyone who has mounted their apron/farmhouse sink flush with the counter. After reading all your wonderful posts, I just purchased a Ticor S4413. It says this can be mounted flush and I am thinking about doing this. I would love to see photos of any sinks done this way, please! Does the seal hold up? I purchased from Overstock and did not get a template. Wrote to Ticor and they did not respond. :(

I have loved reading all your posts. Thanks!

I hope I am posting this in the right place, if not, please let me know.

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I'd like to see more pictures of this as well - I am going to buy the same sink you have, but with the flat front rather than the curved (I think...still deciding), and put it flush mount into my countertop. My "inspiration picture" for this is a curved front apron sink, though - but unlike yours, it's a double bowl. Still, you can get an idea of what your sink will look like flush-mounted at the link below.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Thanks analysisparalysis for the photo. What an inspiration! I love it! So many decisions to make and I confuse myself very easily!

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Here is my flush mount sink. I am so glad we made this decision 4 years ago. Still working well. no gunk in the joint. I am surprised this look is not more popular given the issues with overmount and undermount.
email me if you have any questions about installation.

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Thank you, pharaoh, for your photos! And for the info that the flush mounting is holding up so well! Your photos are so clear they should really help with our installation! It looks like we have the same taste! My cabinets will be about the same style & color of yours, but inset frameless are just out of my budget. And I really like your granite too! Sorry to be so slow to respond!

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Circus Peanut

There was another thread about this a while back, here you are:

Here is a link that might be useful: flush mount apron/farmer's sink

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I don't have pics handy at the moment, but in my last house we had a 33" copper apront-front farmhouse sink. We also have a slightly smaller copper apron-front farmhouse sink in the temp house we're living in now (we are currently building). Both of the aforementioned sinks are flush mount installation. I personally like the look better than an undermount installation, and it really sets off the sink nicely. I will say that wiping crumbs into the sink is not as easy or as tidy.

Taking all this into account, I am doing the same installation in our new house. I just think it looks so purty. Hope that helps a bit.

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Thank you all for your input! All the positive comments (and I did look at the previous thread, thanks) as well as the photos have helped me decide for sure that I will mount my sink flush! Whew, one more decision done. I think I am ordering cabinets tomorrow...leaning towards Schuler. But the designer at Lowes told me they are all wood/plywood construction and I don't think that is what I am reading. Not sure what "High quality furniture board case components" and "Maple tone laminate case components" are??? Will have to ask more questions tomorrow.

Again, thanks!

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Funsew--According to the webpage, Schuler's "All plywood case component" construction is an "Optional Upgrade".

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I did a flushmount and so did theanimala...search both our names. We have s single bowl apronfront flushmount. I have had NO problems with gunk, etc, but haven't had our sink for very long. I still love the way it looks and am glad we did not use the reveal route. It just wasn't my style!

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