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jkaschSeptember 16, 2010

Another hurdle . . . During the building process we bumped the kitchen sink base out a couple of inches. I had my heart set on a Blanco silgranit, 1 3/4 bowl, undermount sink. However, the one I picked won't fit unless it is set 5 inches back from the front edge of the cabinet. What is the standard here? Is this too far? Am I going to have back issues everytime I do dishes?

Would like to see pictures of your sink set up and if you wouldn't mind sharing with me how far yours is set back from the front edge of your counter. What are the pros and cons of your set up.

Your thoughts and/or pictures are be greatly appreciated.

Thank you


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Fori is not pleased

I might have back issues, but I am short (and have in more than one kitchen gone with absurdly long-reaching faucet spouts because of it).

I think as long as the end of your faucet is far enough forward to be comfortable, it should be OK.

When I redid my kitchen, I ended up with about 2.5" setback. I wanted it as far forward as possible so that I could get as much sink in there as possible. So, now I get extra wet. Just can't win!

(I suspect a creative sink installer should be able to get you a little further forward unless you've really got a tight bumpout. Don't take no for an answer without making them THINK. They don't like to think.)

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Are you sure about that measurement?

I'm reading blanco's installation sheet for model 711- and it doesn't say that.

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Bmorepanic ~ Could you send me the information on model #711. The model # that I have been looking at is 440179 BLANCODIAMOND� 1-3/4 Bowl Undermount.

Fori ~ the installer, in this case, is my husband. Unfortunately it is a pretty tight bump out.

Thanks for the help

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Fori is not pleased

Well, I guess the installer has probably done some thinking then. :) Can you do a mockup and see if it'll bug you? (Whatever you do, don't skimp on counter overhang! Hehehehe)

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Fori is not pleased

Has your lovely installer considered notching a bit off the cabinet box? Totally depends on what you've got, but sometimes they can take a bit of mutilation on the inside.

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I just had the Blanco Multi-Level With Drainer. It is the 1 & 3/4 sink bowls with the drainer on the right. Great sink but there should be a disclaimer for its use. It is so deep (front to back) that once you add a backsplash and a fancy high arc faucet (Woodmere by Showhouse-Moen) there is NO room. The faucet barely sits on what is left of deck space behind the sink. I can't even operate the faucet properly because it hits the backsplash. What to do! What to do!

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I wanted my sink close to the edge. I have Euro cabs (frameless) so that means the doors add 3/4" to the cabinet body itself, so it's even harder to mount the sink close to the edge with that type. My installer notched the front support of the cabinet a bit, and we ended up with the sink opening 3 3/4" from the edge. It feels pretty good. I think ideally another 1/4- 1/2" less would work best for me, but this is not bad at all.

FWIW, the ADA recommendation for bathroom sinks is 3" from the counter edge. I don't know what their recommendation for kitchens is though.

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