Different Heights of Crown Molding on Cabinets?

calyle7September 1, 2013

Wondering if anyone has ever had the same delima?
I will be starting my kitchen remodel tomorrow and have been going back over all the cabinet dimensions.
I am having staggered cabinets and will be having short cabinets over the range / microwave.
I will be hanging the wall cabinets 17" from counter (I am very short ..wish I could have them even lower) The microwave is 17.75". I just noticed that the over the MW cabinet ordered was a 24" (I know that was discussed and because of Crown Molding being added it was decided that I would need to go with the 18" (only other option) If I keep the 24" I will only have room for 2" Crown Molding and I'm fairly sure the Crown that was ordered for my cabinets were either 3 1/2 or 4".
My Question? Is this ever done....Where the Crown Molding on the Cabinets over Microwave is shorter than the Crown Molding on all the other Cabinets? Or is Crown Molding ever not added here?
If this is not a option or will not look right...then I will call the place where cabinets were ordered and explain the situation and have the 24" exchanged out for a 18".
thanks for any advise, help or suggestions...
I am searching for anything concerning this on the web..but so far have found Nothing....so maybe that tells me that this is Not Done.

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It's not usually done unless it's a kludge to try to hide a mistake.

You wall cabinets need to be hung with their bottom at 54" above the floor, or else they will not align with the tall cabinets like a fridge cabinet or pantry, or wall oven cabinet. If you are doing staggered height cabinets, you also need to do staggered depth cabinets or else the crown molding doesn't have any place to die into. In other words, your OTR MW cabinet needs to be 15" deep if it's going to be taller than the surrounding cabinets. Also, if you're doing the taller corner cabinets as well, they should be the 27" deep ones as well as being taller.

What height "regular" wall cabinets are you using?Do you have an elevation of the design that you can post?

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"It's not usually done unless it's a kludge to try to hide a mistake."
Then I won't do it....Will call on Tuesday and have the 24" changed to a 18" so Crown will all be same size.
But won't that still make the height of the cabinets different from the others?

Surrounding cabinet on either side is 30" then there is a 36" corner cabinet next to that.
These were not Custom made and they only come in standard depth.
Here is a picture of the same cabinets (different color) I will be getting but will be using different molding.

These were done by someone at the cabinet place where I'm getting mine from. He sent me this picture and said he does the crown molding on these cabinets all the time.
I am hoping this will all work out for the best....right now I am worried!

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If you're only using 30" tall cabinets, then your OTR cabinet should only be 12" tall. OTR's are 16"+ and will hang down WAY too low with an 18". You wouldn't be able to get a pot on the stove!

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Guess I am not understanding...??
The 30" is the lower staggered cabinet...the higher cabinet is the 36" and the way the plan shows is the 36" and the over OTR Cabinet is the same height...not the 30" cabinet..

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