Hoping for expert advice on "Garuda" stone choice

Mary47September 14, 2013

The stone we like best for our kitchen countertops is called Garuda by the slab seller. It is rich in garnets and mica, and though the edges look sturdier than the "Kosmus" slab edges (which are wrapped or sealed in something), one slab has a fragmented corner. Our fabricator has basically said they would have no problem with the stone. It does not appear to be commonly used, based on my internet searches. We'll have rounded edges. If it turns out that there are issues in fabrication, is there a way to ensure that the fabricator is responsible, and not the homeowner for making a silly choice? The fabricator was chosen by our contractor. Anyone have experience with this stone? Thanks!

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Do you have a picture of the slab you can post? Many stones go by different names, maybe someone will recognize it if they see it...

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Great idea! Here it is.

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More of the slab.

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