What kind of finish is on your kitchen floor tile?

marti8aSeptember 19, 2012

My previous tile had a gloss finish. Easy to clean (except the grout), not really slippery unless there is standing water on the tile. But a gloss surface also shows everything more than a mat finish I think.

I brought home a sample yesterday that was more than just mat finish, it felt like bisque. Since it was the store sample, I didn't put it through the stain test to see how easily it cleaned.

So I'll ask you instead. What kind of surface looks good even when slightly dirty and is easy to clean?

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Mine is matte, imitation slate. It has an imitation slate texture and some subtle mottling in the medium dark gray color. It does not show dirt. It looks the same whether it is recently washed or not. It is perfect for my environment, where dirt is grayish and for six months we (and the dog) track in dark gray road slush. Someone elsewhere made a good point that if you live where it's sandy and dusty, then a beigy color is good, and if you live where the clay is red, a reddish, terra cotta color is good. I thought that was really smart.

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That's a good idea. The guy at the floor store said he went out to his backyard, smeared some dirt on his sock and took that to the store with him. lol

Our dirt is almost black and I don't want anything that dark though.

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We have natural cleft slate.
The finish on the tiles is flat and we applied several coats of a matte finish sealer.
It's been 2 years.
It has yet to stain and cleans up easily.

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I think I know what you mean by a bisque texture. One of our samples didn't seem to have any gloss, but I thought that ground in dirt might be hard to mop off. Maybe it was meant to be bathroom tile. We picked a tile with low gloss and a smooth texture, but with some pattern. I just go over it once with a mop. It doesn't need detergent.

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I can tell you that I find the ever- popular Catarina in the matte finish VERY difficult to clean. It is on the floor of my MB toilet area, and the tub deck. The floor is not bad, but (perhaps because it is closer to eye level) the tub deck...i have to SCRUB every spot, it doesn't just wipe off.

Hth, Nancy

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We have Florim Tundra Winter through body porcelain. It is beige with a lot of variation. It looks like stone. We have gotten a lot of compliments on it. It's great. It doesn't show dirt and is so easy to clean. I am extremely happy with it.

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