Could third time be a charm? Met with another cabinet guy...

andreak100September 17, 2012

So, right now, our kitchen should be gutted and we should be one less wall in the house. But, the cabinet guy/GC disappeared.

Our original choice was a GC that worked with the Amish for cabinets. When it came time for a contract, the GC didn't have a drawing attached or any details in the contract. When we asked about including them, he was reluctant to do so.

So, we talked to our runner up (who was runner up mostly due to $5k difference) and we were able to come to terms that were closer to our target pricepoint. He had been extremely thorough throughout our process and had a very detailed contract that he sent out via email. We had a few things that needed tweaked (mostly smaller things like a drawer here or there, etc.) and we sent back our request for changes. During the time that he sent out the contract and when we sent back the revisions, he had a death in the family. Being understanding, we tried to lay low waiting to hear back from him. We were supposed to be starting our kitchen around the middle of this month. At the start of the month, we took delivery of our appliances...which are now sitting in our basement. We've tried to contact him several times via email, business phone, cell phone...and NO replies at all. Nothing.

At this point, we're back to looking for another person to do our kitchen. We have appliances in boxes in the basement, lights that are on order, a Hafele LeMans just waiting for it's corner, granite sitting and waiting for us at our fabricator...and a bunch of other odds and ends.

Today, I met with another cabinet maker/GC and I hope that he works out. We will find out more around the middle of next week about his pricing...but currently, he can't even start our kitchen until January, so we've got all this stuff sitting and waiting.

No real question...just the need to vent. My slivers of sanity have left, quite probably for good. Please tell me this is all going to be worth it.

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It WILL be worth it, but that sucks. Hope this guy works out for you.

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Yeah - it's funny to hear about how bad the economy is, but then struggle to find someone who can do your job and do it in a reasonable amount of time.

Hopefully you find someone who can start before January!

I've been a complete nutjob over my kitchen remodel, and I don't have nearly the scope of project it sounds like yours is going to be, so feel free to be completely crazy here. You're among friends.

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I am so sorry you are going through this. It never ceases to amaze me what it takes to get people to take your money, especially in this economy.
Hang in there, and hopefully this 3rd guy will be the one. Even with our extremely responsive contractor that we went with, there have been many frustrations along the way, so it is very important to work with a good/trustworthy one.
If they are this flaky up front, I'd hate to think how they'd be during the job.

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it will be worth doing but only if you wait for the right one. i had a bone head of a cab maker which caused big issues, work had to be redone and the schedule was delayed by about 8 weeks. worth waiting for a good one.

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Sorry to hear about your troubles, but better to have them bailout on you before demo. In the end, it'll be worth the delay. as you stand in your newly completed kitchen that you absolutely love, you'll look back and chuckle over things. At least that's what ppl keep telling me. :)

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