Does anyone know an independent fabricator in central Ohio?

raee_gwSeptember 12, 2013

I am trying to find someone who would finish and install slate or soapstone if I ordered it from Texeira. So far, no one will deal with slate that they haven't sold me. As one guy put it, "it isn't worth my time if I don't have the mark-up from the sale"

So, does anyone know of someone who works independently of a distributor or retailer?

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Have you considered doing it? Just curious. I'm contemplating it.


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I didn't find one. And the fabricators/shops I talked with didn't fill me with confidence about their product. ("What kind of soapstone? It's soapstone!") Also I didn't get the sense that many of them had much experience with soapstone or slate.

I went with butcherblock and zinc, both of which my GC, who is also the finish carpenter, is doing. If I had gone with soapstone, I would have checked with these folks, who are fairly close to Cincinnati, to see if they'd make the trek.

Here is a link that might be useful: soapstone

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Jenny, I have considered ordering it fabricated, but how to get it set in place and seamed without help? And I have never used any woodworking tools, beyond a hand saw, in case any further finishing is needed

Chesters_house, I did contact that company, and they will come here, but sadly the trip charge on top of what they charge for fabrication is beyond my budget. Thanks for the suggestion, though!

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I'm in WNY and also find there are no independent fabricators for any stone.

Doesn't Tex offer a lot of DIY help? Can't you order it with the sink cut out, etc.? Yes you will need help, mostly just to carry the stone. Just ask friends, family, neighbors, etc. I think Tex offers a sample kit or samples you can practice on?

Here is a link that might be useful: many threads on diy soapstone

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I never got that far, but I was afraid that travel would put the price out of reach. Does M Tex have suggestions?
Otherwise, do you know a woodworker who would be game? (One with some beefy friends!) That person might read up, watch some video, follow directions, in contrast to someone unlearning granite.

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Maybe I should just bite the bullet, order it fabricated, and hire lifting help like a local moving crew.

A woodworker just might be the answer, good thought Chesters_house.

Debrak, I will ask Texeira about a sample.

Thanks all!

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