Peel and stick backsplash tile

drewemSeptember 25, 2012

I was just looking at for tile ideas, and I did not see a real single backsplash tile.

They were all peel and stick tiles! Some were subway style. Some were mosaics. Curious, I read some reviews and they rave about how 'real' they look, and how easy it is. Someone also said for a large kitchen they cost the same as tile.

I thought it was strange, why not just invest in tile. Supposedly it comes off the wall easy, with just a heating from your blow dryer.

Would anyone ever use this I wonder?

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" Someone also said for a large kitchen they cost the same as tile. "

Might as well use the real thing.

There is no special tile fr back splashes.

Any tile if going to be suitable for a wall.

Floor tiles are a little tougher for that use, but can be used on a wall also.

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We saw it used on one of the HGTV shows a few weeks ago--don't remember which one. The price they quoted was WAAAAAAY more expensive than most tile (exception being the hand made/specialty tile). DH & I looked at each other and said the same thing--why not just go with regular tile and save a bundle? With that being said, I could see someone using the peel & stick and feeling that the price was affordable as it would be something they could definitely do themselves where if they were to use real tile they would sub the job out--likely a wash in price at that point.

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If it comes off easily, I think that it would be great for anyone living in a rental unit. I think back on all the hideous mauve tile I had to put up with in apartments, it would have been lovely to cover it.

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In my old house, I HATED the cabinets and backsplash. We planned to renovate eventually but wanted a spruce. We painted the cabinets, and did the peel and stick tile over the existing backspalsh tile. It was cheaper than getting a contractor (we are NOT handy with tools). That's one reason people use the peel and stick tile. Super easy, and gave an INSTANT update!

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