Holiday Kitchen Cabinets Beware

ripvanwinkle324September 25, 2013

We waited years to have our kitchen remodeled because its expensive and figured it would be a once in a life time project for us. We were very excited about getting a new kitchen but the excitement wore off quickly and turned into a big headache. We decided to go with Holiday Cabinets because that is what our local kitchen shop carried and recommended and they had the color we wanted and the style with what we thought was a good price. The problems started from when we first ordered them. We were leaving for the winter and we wanted them in before we left so we could have our counter tops blue printed and made while we were away. We were assured they would be delivered on time and they weren't, then when we did receive them we noticed quite a few nicks on the edges, scratches, splits in the veneer side panels, along with a very poor stain job which didn't even get all the way to the edge of the panels in the doors on about half of them. Well they did replace some of the doors but three of them that had scratches in the doors the replacements they sent were in even worse shape. Also, the cabinet they sent with the bad veneer panel had a chunk of wood out of the side the size of a dime. Why they didn't fill this in before finishing it was beyond me so we ended up just leaving the first damaged one installed because we weren't improving things any. One of the replacement doors they sent was also worse then the one to be replaced. So we just left the damaged one on. We didn't notice it until later that one of the replacement cabinets that they changed out the inside edge of the cabinet was never even run through a planer so the edges are very rough and if you go to wipe it off the cloth or towel will snag on the splinters. This is just a few of the problems we have with our Holiday Cabinets. So If you are looking for poor quality cabinets with no help from the company in making it right these are the ones to buy. We contacted them several times and they did send their Rep out once and that is how we got them to send the replacements that weren't any better and even worse than the first ones. The contractor we used, Charlotte Cabinets wasn't any better than the cabinets they sold us which is whole another story. After the company sent the damaged and poorly made replacement cabinets they weren't any help in getting the issues resolved. I guess they just threw their hands up and walked away because they would never show back up and finish the job when they said they would. So after about 3 months of broken promises of not showing up and addressing the issues we hired another to finish putting the rest of the trim on our damaged cabinets. The only good thing is I didn't have them fully paid and they haven't asked for any more money which I think they know what kind of answer they would get on that. I wish somebody would have warned us so we didn't have to go through this nightmare but if you are lucky enough to see this before making your purchase you can't say you weren't warned. Good luck and I hope this doesn't happen to you. Do lots of research and don't just take the sales reps word. We live in a small town and went local and I never thought this would be our experience but it was.

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Our neighbors have Holiday Cabinets and are very happy with them. We almost went with them too but went with a different kitchen place that carried different lines. I'm sorry for your bad experience..I hope it was just a fluke and not the norm.

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looks like this is a problem

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Wow, I'm a Holiday dealer and this is not good to hear! I have never had any issues with them except for a couple of kitchens 8 -10 years ago. Nothing major and all issues were fixed.

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I agree with everyone!!! I also had the same experience myself. I purchased cabinets from holiday and it was a disaster. Spent close to 50,000$ on cabinets and got nothing but garbage. They arrived not only damaged and chipped but with missing hardware and doors.let me start with the customer service...rude,and unprofessional I've ever experienced in my life!! I spoke to to guy named Bill and two ladies named Barbra unhelpful and was transferred to another lady named Brenda who was always on a meeting or out sick and never returned one call after leaving several messages (seriously how many meeting can u have for cabinets...please) After months of trying to get the matter resolved nothing was ever accomplished. I had to pay someone to refinish the chips dents and cracks and had to pay to replace the undelivered doors again!! Please don't buy from holiday cabinets. After paying so much for cabinets I'm so angry at the customer service and wud not recommend them to anyone. No wonder why no one has heard of them.

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*Thank you* for posting your experiences. I wish you had included in your posts, the timeframe of your experiences. In time, things may change with a particular vendor and for whatever reason, they are not what they used to be. Sometimes better, sometimes worse.

Again, thank you for posting your experiences.

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When was the last time you ordered a Holiday kitchen ?

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someone else on this forum did what looks like a 50K + kitchen in Holiday and had all the painted doors crack shortly after install. I was glad I decided against using them.

scroll to the bottom of the thread.

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You asked when my last Holiday job was:

I had a job ship in January, just a month ago. No issues. My store carries 7 cabinet lines and we only did 5 kitchens in Holiday last year. However, none of them were painted. In fact, every one of them was their frameless line and all were slab doors in cherry, alder or foil.

I do not recommend Holiday to my clients when they are looking at painted or painted inset. I have two semi-custom lines that have more value, in my opinion and I have one high end custom that is perfection with their paint. So the only time I really consider Holiday, is their frameless line in wood or foil.

The kitchen I had problems with several years ago, was a painted inset kitchen.

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kompy, how were they at resolving the issues with the painted kitchen you had problems with several years ago? It seems like the posters above are complaining about the lack of customer service. I suppose that wouldn't be a problem with an install that had "no issues," but I would think that the majority of installs have an issue or two that would require counting on customer service for resolution.

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jellytoast, In this business, if you have issues, you usually work directly with your dealer, not the manufacturer. So, I'm not sure why some of the previous posters said that Holidays Customer service was awful. Maybe the dealers were of no help to the homeowner.

The painted job I had problems with, we got a couple of replacement doors in and had a professional furniture refinisher repaint two small areas that could not be redone easily. The homeowners were pickier than your average homeowner and they were very happy with the outcome. That has been at least 8 years ago and I've not heard one complaint from them so far on the cabinets and paint holding up. Trust me, if there was a problem, I would hear from her.

It sounds to me like the dealers are the ones that dropped the ball. The factory is not used to dealing direct with the homeowner's. I'm curious to hear why the dealers didn't take care of these issues. Because they're the ones who are suppose to. Maybe the reason it took so long and was frustrating was because the dealer didn't help out. Holiday would have to contact the dealer and the rep to "find out what's going on". They fill orders for dealers, not homeowners. If these dealers didn't do their job, then Holiday should consider pulling their dealership for bad customer service.

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Same thing, lousy customer service, both dealer and factory, I admit they are 13 years old but been problematic since new. Were hickory, turned a yellow, doors coming apart hinges that are too light for doors and need constant attention, STAY Away! Have some Merillat that are same age in the bath and are super, not a problem, obviously over the years Holiday hasn't done any better. 20,000 in 1999 dollars wasted. nuf said

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