Day 5...they worked hard this week!!

ali80caSeptember 27, 2013

It is amazing how much can be accomplished in 5 short days. My kitchen looks so different than it did a week again or even than it did Monday morning. The bulk of the banquette is done and so is most of the island. I need to go pick up my knobs and pulls on Monday or Tuesday so that they are available for install. I have a feeling I will spend most of the weekend opening and closing drawers and doors! Such fun!!

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one view of the island, it still needs pillars and kickplate installed

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Oh, wow! That's getting exciting. Even from this side. I am ridiculously intrigued by that far windowed corner. Fondle the doors all you want now so you can give proper attention to the counters when they go in. :)

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Man, they are rolling along, aren't they? Blue is my favorite color. I'm seeing these cabs and starting to change my mind on what I want. The good news is, I probably have at LEAST another year to decide, if I'm lucky, so...

I gotta stop reading

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Wow you are making progress. I can't wait to be in your shoes!!!

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LOL Rosie, my corner that covers a ridiculously large heating duct. There will be a second sink there (more a laundry type sink), that will be handy for soaking clothes to handwash, or even wash vegetables from the fridge before they get cooked. That area used to be a separate room and the plumbing was already there.

Spider, I love the blue too, even more now that it is installed. You really do have to go with what you love.

Blue it is such fun to watch!

Productive weekend here, I actually sold all my old appliances (for money!! Wow) and my big blue tarp covering stuff on my front porch is smaller than it was. Nobody is coming today so I might go and pick up my knobs and pulls.

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