What color cabinets with red/burgundy range?

ideagirl2September 22, 2010

Ok... so the blue range I bought and was raving about (on this thread: http://ths.gardenweb.com/forums/load/kitchbath/msg0921224829144.html?20) arrived damaged at the store, so the store refused it and sent it back to the distributor and THERE ARE NO MORE, waaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh!!!

Long story short, now we're getting a BURGUNDY Fratelli Onofri double oven range instead of the blue one. Like so:

Range - http://fratelliappliances.com/products.php?catid=1&pid=6

Closeup in correct color - http://fratelliappliances.com/popup.php?pname=Burgundy&opphoto=http://eurochefusa.com/photos/p/6.jpg

So now... the cabinet/counter/floor decisions start all over again. Agh! Any help you may have is welcome! Oh, and we're going for a discreetly art deco/vintage look in the kitchen.

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Everything goes with red!

I like the burgundy. The blue is lovely, and this is nothing against it, but that deep rich red says fire, cooking, warmth, kitchen, cozy, comfort. It's very grounded too, unlike a brighter red.

I love the idea of the deco touches. That gives you a lot of scope to be weird though (like horizontal stripes) and I think keeping the color scheme simple and unified will complement the range best.

.....Though you could get matching St. Charles cabinets and that would look really awesome besides having a bit of retro built in. For that, I'd only do the lowers on the range wall, maybe with an attached L leg, and do something else, like eggshell or washed gold color, for the rest.

Anything in the dark dull yellow range would look great with the burgundy. Eggshell, buff, washed gold, caramel. Even honey, which is redder so less contrasty, would be good. You could also go for the really darks, like walnut, or that black cherry that has been so popular. Mahogany would look good too. I wouldn't do anything ashy, but a warm, purply gray could work if it didn't look too '80's office with the burgundy.

The floor should definitely be neutral, and I'd go significantly lighter than the range, to set it off.

What kind of deco influences were you thinking of?

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Burgundy/deep red is my FAVORITE color. My initial temptation was to say, "It doesn't matter, because who'll notice the cabinets with the burgundy range to steal the show?"

You were considering a nice yellowy cream with the blue, I think? It'd also be lovely with the red. Also, light soft/dove gray, butterscotch, caramel, even soft greens could look nice.

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Deco sounds fabulous...and burgundy sounds fun. Found a couple of pix for you.

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Oh, see, I KNEW I'd get great answers if I posted here. Washed gold! What an idea! Let's see... dark dull yellows... walnut/black cherry... neutral, contrasting flood... I love it all. And the original warm cream idea we had for the blue probably WOULD look nice with the burgundy. Maybe dark wood lower cabinets and cream upper?

Sometime this week we're supposed to get a color swatch for the stove in the mail (i.e., an enameled piece of steel), so I'll take that to the kitchen places and see what it looks good with. I'll also have another half-dozen color swatches that I don't need--for some reason they're sending all the colors--so hopefully I'll be able to look at the blue and the red together and decide that the red was definitely absolutely better all along. :-)

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Love the white/cream paint with glaze look to set off your range. The light cabinets will make your burgundy pop as a focal point and it's all in keeping with a the traditional styling of the range. Very nice!

Here is a link that might be useful: Kitchens for Living

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My first thoughts were golds/yellows and grays and/or maybe grays w/ a hint of green in them. I've always loved it when brick houses are painted w/ the right blue (a light blue)...there's something about the warmth and coolness together that is so striking and beautiful.

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I suggest a light birch, golden maple, or unstained oak.

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Almost any color. What do you have in your adjacent rooms? What color is your woodwork?

DH wanted a red range. We have a Chambers (vintage). It's currently yellow, like Rachael Ray's. The color can be changed, but it was a bit more money than we could afford with so much other stuff to do in the kitchen, plus the porcelain is in really good condition considering the age of the stove. So, maybe someday...

In the mean time, I downloaded some inspiration pics. See my photobucket album.


Here is a link that might be useful: Red Ranges - inspiration gallery

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Chambers are gorgeous! Congratz!

Our adjacent rooms are... well, this is a 1930s house, so it's not open plan; the living room has large doorways without doors, but the doorways to the kitchen are the normal width--30" or whatever. So there's no actual need to coordinate--you kind of have to make an effort to see one room from the next--though of course it could look very nice if we did. Both adjacent rooms have hardwood floors that are a bit lighter in color than clover honey. The original woodwork in the kitchen is gone, replaced with cheapo white-painted baseboards that I don't like, so there's no obstacle (and no source of inspiration) to be found there. It's a blank slate, really, which is part of the reason it's hard to make decisions. Thank god we bought the stove--that color will at least help eliminate some options.

Thanks for posting that awesome gallery! Wow, I REALLY like the burgundy Aga cooker with the off-white cabinets and black counters. Looks lovely. On my screen it even looks like about the same red as my Fratelli (which is due to be delivered tomorrow, but I have a color chip).

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ideagirl2, I'm glad you liked the gallery. Hopefully you can take away a some good ideas. I just googled "red stove" and clicked on images. There's a ton of stuff. I'm glad you took a chance with the red, although the blue would have been awesome too. It really does give you a jumping off point.

I think the off white, black and red looks great too. It's really a classic pallette. In small and/or dark spaces, light really bounces around the white cabinets.

What a shame that the original woodwork is gone. Warning, I'm stepping on my soapbox here (LOL!). What goes through peoples minds!?! My first house was a post war (WWII) rambler. Back then they still put in oak floors. We still had ours, which had been refinished at some point. A friend and co-worker lived in the same neighborhood. Her house had been belonged to her husband's grandma, the original owner. They assumed they had hardwood under their green shag. Come to find out, at some point, a corner of the floor had been eaten away by termites, so they (grandparents) had opted to pull out all the original floors, replaced it with carpet. It's heartbreaking. How hard could it have been to have the floors repaired and the termites treated? Certainly cheaper than a whole house of carpet. Ah well.

Since your house it not so open, you can go different in every room if you choose. However, it might flow better if you have one thing that ties each room together. It can be color, or even tones. For example, you could have a little bit of red in each main room. That can mean red in the curtain or cushion fabric, or red accessories, something in a small dose. My friend did this with her house with that same burgandy/red color.

Or, keep your wall tones in the same general range. That helps flow too. I can be jarring to go from say a white room, to a dark navy blue. What I have done in the past is choose colors from the middle range of the color cards.

That 1950's house I mentioned had mid tone yellow walls in the living/dining room (also the entry), a deeper amber tone in the kitchen, Restoration Hardware Silver Sage in the family room addition, a lavender blue in the bedroom hallway, medium blue in the main bedroom and taupe in the bathroom. It all worked even though they were different colors, they had a sense of flow because they were in that mid range of tones.

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It just occurred to me, have you seen the most recent season of Sarah's House on HGTV? This time around she did a farm house. I just watched an episode where she re-did the entry/mudroom in shades of neutral colors and red doors. To me it doesn't scream country (no cows or roosters in sight) and it too might be a good source of inspiration.

Here is a link that might be useful: Sarah's House Entry/Mudroom

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Ideagirl, that stove is outstanding! Beautiful! I have nothing to offer in addition to the above suggestions which are wonderful. I will say, I do agree, the burgundy would look fantastic next to SO many colors. Cream, black, gold, certain greens, wood tones. Quite versatile, yes? You can really have fun with it, & no matter what you choose, you'll have a one of a kind look.

Nothing cookie-cutter for Ideagirl! Fabulous.

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I was going to order a Fratelli, but because I haven't been able to see/touch one in a showroom, I backed off. I'd love to hear what you think of yours when you get it!

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It's here! It arrived today, unblemished! It's beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful. And also, beautiful. When we opened it to inspect it the delivery guy said, "Man, that's fancy! Don't show my girlfriend that!"

We're not installing it until the kitchen's done, because it won't fit--it's 36" but the space is currently occupied by a 30" range. So I can't speak to how it works, but it looks FANTASTIC and the ovens are easily, totally big enough. I knew that already because I saw one in a showroom while visiting friends in Connecticut (fortunately the Mrs. Friend was very enthused about spending part of our visit looking at ranges--I think I sold her an Elmira Northstar, where's my commission??), but it's nice to see it in my actual house and confirm that the double oven was definitely the right one to get.

Perhaps when I get home from work I will put various dishes and pans into the two ovens to see how many I can fit at once and in what configurations. I have visions of cooking a chicken or a couple of meatloafs in the small oven while potatoes and pie and/or cookies bake in the larger one. There are three racks on the left (large oven) and two on the right. Each side includes a broiler rack. So far so good.

Oh, but if you like the double ovens, they're being discontinued in the US, so snap one up!

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And the verdict is: my big glass lasagna pan (16"x10.5") fits in the big oven, with room for two mini-bread loaf pans beside it! And then there are still two more shelves to fill in that oven. And I can fit two mini casserole dishes (this kind: http://www1.macys.com/catalog/product/index.ognc?ID=255161&CategoryID=31566) on each shelf in the small oven; I could probably fit three per shelf if I crammed them in.

In other words, it's totally big enough! Yay! The only thing that hasn't fit so far was my muffin tin, but the reason it didn't fit is because it has these fancy curves on each end--that is, the ends bow out so you can use them as handles. If it were just rectangular like a normal muffin tin, it would fit.

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