Need help ASAP sanded or unsanded for marble?

JAM_SFSeptember 6, 2013

I need the great expertise of this group. I have a honed staggered marble mosaic backsplash, and have read that joints over 1/8 should be sanded, under that, you can go unsanded. My tile guy is telling me that he won't scratch the tile with sanded, and he's recommending sanded. He says it holds in place better and doesn't crack or shrink as much as unsanded.
I'm torn because I wanted the clean look of unsanded, but I am not the expert and I don't want him to leave and then find out in a month or two that he was right and the grout isn't as full and cracking.
My joints are about 1/16 in the smallest area, and then about 1/8 in the biggest areas.
He is saying that it will look more full to go sanded.
Your thoughts are appreciated!
He will be grouting tommorow.

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I don't have marble, but...

I had used sanded grout in the last kitchen with the arabesque tiles, this kitchen I was able to do unsanded with the same tiles. The look is so much better and smoother.

just a side note, I used the expensive additive to prevent staining in the grout instead of mixing with water. It was worth every cent of the $42 it cost me. Nothing stains it all.

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Thanks Beekeepers... do you know the name of the additive? It seems I am going to have to go out and buy this, so I want to make sure I'm getting the right thing.

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if you want less than 1/8 grout lines, then you need to go unsanded. i'm doing 3x6 honed marble subway tiles for my backsplash and want 1/16 grout lines, so unsanded is what i have to use.

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