Tiled window sill?

sjerinSeptember 12, 2012

We're moving along with our remodel with maybe a month (hopefully!) left before finishing all, including several floors. My old kitchen had tile windowsills that I am asking for in the new one, but I'm not quite sure how they should look. I met with the tile guy this morning and he told me I need to decide whether I want a v-cap or radius tile at the edge; the whole thing will be 3-4 inches deep. I looked at pictures online and don't see too much difference, so I guess I'll have to slog over to the tile store to see them in person. Has anyone dealt with this?

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We tried hard to tile our windowsill, but had the same problem as you trying to figure out how they should look. We thought of using chair rail tile at the edge, but it seems to create a number of installation challenges, as well as running up the tile cost (corner chair rail tiles are not cheap).

In the end, we went with a slate slab for the sill. This has been totally fantastic for us - unlike the old wooden sill, it doesn't mind when we put a flowerpot or a wet sponge on it, and it looks great. Moreover, you can probably get a remnant for this, so the material cost is very reasonable (I think ours was $100 for a 6" x 50"ish slab that was trimmed to fit).

One thing about this is it also gives you the option to have a deeper sill if you want to do something like put flowerpots on it etc.

It worked out great for us, so just another approach you may want to consider.

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