Anyone REGRET getting a silgranite sink?

tomatotomataSeptember 11, 2008

I've seen so many rave reviews on this forum, but here in S.CA I've never seen one, and no one seems to know about them. I found myself describing it to a KD, who clearly never heard of it. Kitchen & Bath showrooms usually have only 1 or 2 on display. I'm afraid there is a negative I don't know about.

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I've been doing some extensive research on them myself and found them at HD. Although HD carries them under the name of Pegasus, (their house brand) they are actually made by Blanco, the maker of Silgrant sinks. I have also not been able to find 1 negative comment about these sinks yet.

I'm from S Cal too, moved out of state a couple of years ago, it surprises me your KD hadn't heard of them especially with the amount of higher end homes there.

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I had never seen one before purchasing it on the advise of this forum. The only thing I saw was a 2"square sample of the material and pictures. I've been using mine about 2 weeks. I have the grey 1 3/4 silgranit sink, undermounted. I love the finish. It is very easy to keep clean. Big enough for large pots and pans. DH says he likes that it doesn't sound loud when placing objects in the sink. The only negative thing I would say is it's a little too deep for me. I'm average height at 5'5". I'm not currently using any sink grids so that might help.

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I have one and love it, too. And the only negatives I've heard are if you have the black sink and hard water (spots) and the depth. I have the black sink and it ALWAYS looks clean. And I'm the same height as iris and have a bad back and it's never bothered me. FWIW, I've had mine for over a year now.

Oh yeah, I have heard that lots of people have received cracked sinks. If they are handled poorly or not packed well they are subject to cracking in shipping. Some have had to send theirs back and get replacements (at the store's expense but still causes a delay) but once they are installed, no problems.

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Have the Blanco Anthracite for about six weeks now and can think of no negatives.

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I've had the black silgranit sink for about a month and I don't see anymore hard water marks than I had on my former stainless. I just wipe it down and it's clean. I'm short too but the depth doesn't bother me at all. In fact I love that it's deep for my big pans. For 20 years I had a very typical builder's brand stainless steel and didn't realize what I was missing! I love my sink. It is noiseless as someone posted and it is a striking look in the kitchen. My contractor, KD and cabinet maker have all been enlightened by silgranit. This was their first experience working with it but they tell me they really love it. Of course the granite installer told me he had seen it plenty of times and he definitely did a great job with my undermount. The only thing I read (on this forum) is to check it for possible cracks in the corner and to be sure your plumber aligns with the holes properly (which is a no brainer really). I am very pleased with mine and would not hesitate to recommend it.

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I've had my black Silgranit sink for about a month and I'm loving it, so far.

Like others have said, I've heard of problems with cracking during shipping. But otherwise, I haven't heard anything bad.

I'm 5'7" and the 10" depth is a little deep, even with the grid. I notice it a tiny bit when I'm doing the last of the dishes and reaching for the silverware at the bottom. But, it's not a big deal and I'd choose this sink again, if given the choice.

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I have a swanstone sink and I just love it, I went with the beige, which has given me no trouble or staining. It has the low divider in the middle and is great, I use the smaller side as the drainer when I need one. It's been in for over six months now. Good Luck!

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I never heard of a silgranit until frequenting this website, either!

I had mine installed about 4 months now. Even though I'm barely 5'2" I have no issues with the ten inch depth. And I must admit, I do a lot of dishes by hand.

My only regret is not having installed this sink earlier!

Here is a link that might be useful: my blanco silgranit in biscuit

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I put the black silgranite sink (Pegasus from HD) in with my granite over 5 years ago and have not had a problem.

I love the 10" depth and it looks great with the counters.

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Is the Pegasus sink the same quality as the Silgranit...i know someone said they were made by the same company, but are they exactly the same and also, is the pegasus less expensive? thanks

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I have the black Silgranit sink & love it!! I'm from So. Calif., if you want to see it in person try The Great Indoors or Pacific Sales. I've seen it at both places. But I ordered mine from eBay Homeandstone & saved lots of $$. Good luck!

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ngng What granite do you have? It looks like what I am looking at and I bought teh same since and faucet.

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I don't regret mine, but they aren't installed yet.

A poster here once mentioned that they'd dropped a knife, point first, into the sink and taken a chunk out, but this must be fairly rare.

Both of mine came from home&stone. This company fills the bowls and boxes completely with expanding foam, and this seems pretty effective at preventing cracking from shipping.

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neesie, your bisquit sink looks really nice...sounds like you
have not had any problems keeping it clean easily. I recently
got a price on one from a local appliance store and he said that
"per the rep" he would not recommend the light colors because they
are hard to keep clean...he said he didn't know first hand but was
telling me what the rep told him. Has anyone had a problem like
that? Thanks.

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I've had the biscuit sink for a month now. It's so easy to keep clean...I don't know what the rep was talking about. A lot of people have white sinks - would he say the same about them too? It's a sink for that matter - you'll always have to wipe it clean. i wouldn't let him sway you. I love's gorgeous, you wipe it down like with any other sink, and it doesn't have water spots.

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Thanks redroze...just thought I should check here again,
cause I really love the look.

BTW, did I miss finished pics of your kitchen? Curious also why
you did not use or I have not seen the siligranit prep sink used much?

Also I could not find on the Blanco website where it tells what size cabinet
is used for each sink. I am trying to find out the largest one for a 33" cab.

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We have had our Blanco 1 3/4 black silgranit sink for about 3 months. It is easy to use & keep clean. I don't find the depth bothers my back (maybe b/c I'm not very tall 5'1'') I love how quiet it is when I run water in the sink.

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We've had our Blanco Silgranit double sink ~ in Anthracite~ now for 10 months and I can't say one bad thing about it. Over the years ~in different houses~ we've had SS, cast iron and you-name-it sinks. I was tired of the water spots; tired of the pot scratches; tired of the constant stains; tired of the noise when washing dishes; tired of my sinks looking less-than-nice, 90% of the time.
Nowdays, our Silgranit sink looks great all the time! I'll never have another kind of sink.

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We have 2 in biscuit, installed over 2 years ago. Very pleased, would do it again.

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vicnsb - to find the minimum cabinet size, trying going to the Blanco Canada site. When you click on the sink for details, it will give you the info you need. I just got my Diamond U in cafe - looks great in the box - I can't wait to get it installed.

Here is a link that might be useful: Blanco Canada

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Marty2008 - Our granite is Golden Moon and we love it! It goes perfectly with our cinnamon colored cabinets. Good Luck!

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Thank you kitchenredo...checking on that site now. Oh, that cafe looks
really nice, can't wait to see yours in.

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why do i keep hearing about this grout haze on their silgranit sink? I see that most people love this sink, but don't want to make a mistake... if i decide to tile backsplash, what do i do to protect this sink? I do need to use my sink for some utility stuff too, not just washing dishes... at times i do need to wash out paint, etc... do you think this would hurt the sink... if i have to worry about it too much, i would probably go with stainless steel...please advise..thanks

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carol9999 (that's a lot of 9's!) I wash out paint brushes in my siligranit sink all the time. Just did it a few minutes ago as a matter of fact. As for grout, well I did that outside in a bucket. I don't know if it would hurt the sink (I'm thinking not) but I have a garbage disposal and didn't want sanded grout down my drain. Seriously, nothing hurts this sink and even if you did have a grout haze on there, it would wipe out just as easily as it would on a stainless sink. Go for the siligranit, you'll LOVE it!

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I have four silgranite sinks in my house, Three black and one cafe. My moron painters and tile guys did use the sinks for both paint and grout (even though I asked them to use the utility sink in the garage or the hose outside) and I did have haze on them. I tried alot to get it off, to no avail and then read here somewhere to use CLR. It worked like a charm with a little elbow grease and a greenie. I don't have any other complaints about the sink. You do have to rinse them well. The black shows light spots easily, but if you are relatively tidy person it won't be an issue.

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I just wanted to chime in on Home Depot Pegasus siligranite sinks. I've had one in my cottage for two years now,where the water quality is very hard, and there are no problems with spotting.
My home sink has survived paint brush washing, dog washing,(no scratches) and most impressive of all a hot nail polish spill. I couldn't get the cap off a bottle so I popped it into the micro for a few seconds and when I took the bottle out, off popped the top and ice pink polish spilled right into my black sink. I wiped out what I could, and ran upstairs to get the nail polish remover which took up all the polish and didn't damage the siligranite one iota. (Thank God!)

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I have the Blanco Anthracite super sized (can't remember the correct description) and love it! This sink looks clean all the time. Everyone who comes over remarks about the look.

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Tomatotomato: Thanks for asking this question! I'd pretty much decided on Silgranit Anthracites for my kitchen main and prep sinks because they're just so darned pretty! I hadn't read any negatives, but it was nice to have all these raves in one place. Now all I have to do is decide which one! The Rondo is a given, but I'm not sure which for the main . . .


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We drink a lot of brewed black tea and pour out leftovers in sink. The stainless steel sink we had previously had, always had tea stains. I am thinking of getting the Silgranite in the stone biscuit and concerned about staining. Any feedback?

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Rachiele, LLC

My mom had a white one by Blanco and it was difficult to clean. It showed stains and marks from pots and pans. She quickly changed to a stainless sink.

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I wanted a silgranite super single after reading all of the wonderful reviews here. I visited the sink several times at a number of showrooms and just couldn't convince myself to like it. I really, really wanted it to look like stone, but IMO it looks like plastic. Clearly, there are many here who disagree, but I'd strongly advise you to see one in person before purchasing.

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Does anyone have a white silgranite sink? -- Does the bottom of the sink turn yellow or off-white over time?

Is the rough surface difficult to clean? What about things like spaghetti sauce, lemon juice, tea, pot scratches, etc.

Any comments you have are much appreciated. Thanks!

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I, too, would like some feedback from owners of biscuit silgranit sinks. Any problems with staining -- from coffee, tea, juices, berries, etc?

Thank you!

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Someone posted a few weeks ago with pics of their white silgranit sink over in the gallery.

Here is a link that might be useful: old white silgranit sink link

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Wow I didn't know they were around that many years ago.

I want a biscuit sink and debated about this. After looking at them in person,
I knew what was holding me back was that I wanted a shiny light colored sink,
so I chose the Rohl Fireclay Allia in biscuit and I look forward to getting it.

Had I wanted a dark sink, I would have gone with it because everyone loves it here!


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I have the same Swanstone as Fern76. The granite composite is great. The Swanstone and Pegasus sinks cost a fraction of what the Blancos cost. Like others here, my only regret is the depth. Deep and/or oversized sinks are great for filling pots, or washing large items, but before you settle on one, there are a couple of things you should consider. First, it takes alot more water to fill an oversized sink. Secondly, from an ergonomic standpoint, they may not be as user-friendly. I'm 5'9" and washing dishes in my deeper sink strains my back. If you primarily use a dishwasher you probably won't mind. Since I cook and entertain alot, I use my sink alot. On the upside, the depth allows me to scrub out my kitchen trash can in it. (I used to always have to use the hose outside.) Hope that doesn't gross anybody out, but I can't stand a grungy trash can.

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Wow. I have been totally sold on the Silgranit sink until I saw the old white sink link. That worries me! Of course, if it is 14 years old, it could be better now...

I definitely want a white sink. Right now, I have a Moenstone sink. It is fine. It does scratch, but with some elbow grease, the scratches come out. I thought silgranit would be even easier, but now I am a little worried.

Does anyone have a WHITE silgranit sink and love it??

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I have a biscuit which is not too far from white. I have a white composite sink in my second kitchen made from High-Macs. I have had no trouble with staining in either sink. If something gets on there, I just use a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser and it looks like new.
A great place to order the Blanco sinks is I got mine from there. They were less expensive than most places, shipping was free, and they arrived perfectly packaged.
Good luck with your sink.

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I highly doubt that sink link is a Silgranit sink. It looks like a fiberglass or acrylic laundry tub.

Silgranit may have been available in 1994 but I don't remember them. Any other pros remember when they debuted? In the 90's, QUARTZ composite sinks were more popular at that time (ie. Moen used to make a Moenstone Quartz). The quartz sinks were softer than the granite sinks. They were very nice too...but have pretty much disappeared since the granite sinks became available.


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I have a hard time believing that is a silgranit sink also. My biscuit silgranit has been able to stand up to anything. I have even dyed my hair in it. Once a week or so I use a little Bar Keepers Friend and it's like new. Quite simply the best sink I have ever had. I could never go back to SS or ceramic over cast iron again. It's those shiny ones that scratch and stain IMHO.

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I'm the old silgranit sink owner, and it's definitely silgranit--if i could figure out how to post on this page I'd be happy to post the closeups including the blanco name, fine lines around the drain etc. Maybe the composition of the sinks has changed since then....

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I did a little research and it's possible that this is indeed a silgranit sink, although it might also be the quartz-based one which had a similar name. However, even if it is silgranit, the composition / manufacturing has indeed been refined since then (at least one specific mention of this in 2003). Also, have you contacted Blanco, kwar228? The sink does have a lifetime warranty. What have you used to clean / maintain it?

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I've got a white 1 3/4. I LOVE the layout and the size, we wash in the big side and drain in the smaller. Keeps the counters open.

We cook a lot and don't scrub the sink until it gets pretty beat up looking. The pot marks come off easily with barkeeper's friend. The edge around the drain is sort of scuffed up and rough but the rest of the sink has not been chipped or gouged which is impressive given that we cook a lot using old cast iron skillets.

The bottom nearer the drain won't get new-white no matter how much it's scrubbed. I'll scrub it then put 50/50 bleach/water for an hour and that helps quite a bit.

I'm not bothered by it, it's a working kitchen and in terms of utility it's great. If I was to do it over I'd get one of the darker colors in the same size.

I honestly don't know what level of material or quality you have to get to to have a white sink that will stay white.

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I just ordered my biscuit colored 1 3/4 bowl silgranit sink... I'm 99% excited and 1% nervous!!! ;o)

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mondragon: Just wanted to mention that in my research the other day I was looking at the care/maintenance/cleaning advice on silgranit sinks. They specifically mention that only weak bleach solutions (if any bleach at all) should be used on the silgranit sinks as it can harm the finish.

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WOW that old sink! It looks more like one of those Swanstone sinks. It definitely doesn't look like it is made by the same standards and material as today's siligranit sinks. I have 2 black silgranit sinks for about 3 years now and I absolutely love them. It is one tough sink and always looks great. No regrets whatsoever and would do it again no question. In fact, every time I think about moving the first thing I think about is how I could never leave my sinks!

Oh and I just finished painting my kitchen cabinets and had no choice but to use it as my utility sink for cleaning brushes and stuff too. I scrubbed it real good after each use because if you leave a brush sitting there even for a minute it will leave a mark but it will scrub out. I use the bleach free Lemon soft scrub.

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I just bought a Siligranit sink in a color called Havana. I will be getting it installed this weekend as we are doing renos and having a new kitchen put in this week. Can't wait to see it and use it and am so glad for the positive reviews! I was sold on it anyhow but now am even more so. I purposely went with a darker color, but not too dark, (think Havana cigar) as I didn't want a light colored sink because of staining issues. I'll let you know what I think in a few weeks

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I have had a white Super Single Silgranite sink for just over a year now and I would not buy it again. I do love the size and am happy with the color. I find it cleans easily as well.

However, these sinks are very delicate. My counter guys broke one when they were installing it and the counter. Less than 24 hours later my contractor broke one installing the faucet (my counter guys have been installing counters for at least 20 years and my contractor has been installing kitchens for almost 40 years, they know what they are doing). At that point I wanted to go with another sink but I was stuck with the Silgranite because the marble counter had been cut to fit it.

The sink now has two small chips around the flange. I am not happy.


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I have the super single black Blanco silgranite sink and absolutely love it. Easy to keep clean. Wouldn't trade it it!!

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I have a question, I really want one of the Blanco Super Single Bowl sinks, but I can't decide on the color. Does anyone have the Anthracite color with darker granite, like Uba Tuba maybe? If so, would you be willing to post a picture? Also, I'm really worried about hard water spots, does anyone with an Anthracite sink have water spot issues?


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Babka NorCal 9b


I went to the Silgranit manufacturer's website ( and there is no such color as "Havana". Are you sure it is Silgranit?


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I've had the Blanco Anthracite sink for 8 months now, and have had two incidents that seriously marred the sink. Although it's my fault, after having a stainless sink for 20 years I was used to pouring just about anything in there. You REALLY can't do that with this material. I mixed concentrated weed killer in a sprayer with water, and when I had finished spraying I poured the excess out in the sink and it made permanent blisters in the surface. A few months later I threw a cleaning rag in there that I had just used to rinse a degreasing cleaner off my stove. When I picked it up a few minutes later to wring and rinse it, it had bleached a place the size of a pancake to a lighter black, and I have no idea how to fix that .... or if it even can be.

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We have Green Peacock granite which is almost identical to Uba Tuba and an Anthracite Siligranit double bowl sink. It looks wonderful and we LOVE it! Sort of all blends together. Don't have a pic but can take one later today for you. Also RMLanza has the same sink and faucet with Uba Tuba and she has posted her kitchen on here many times, if you do a search you may be able to find it. Regarding water spots, right after it was installed, I freaked out because within a day you could easily see water spots along the back part of the sink. I was pleasantly surprised though when a quick wipe with a wash rag and soap cleaned them off.

In response to the post regarding care, yes you do have to be careful with what you put in there, no bleach, paint or harsh chemicals but really IMHO with the exception of the bleach those type of chemicals don't really belong in a kitchen sink anyways, just like bacteria, residue from the chemicals could contaminate.

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Does anyone have the dark brown sink? If so, do you have pictures or are you happy with it?

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Our neighbor just had one installed after seeing our gray sink. After hearing about her color scheme (med brown cabs, one of those cream/tan speckled granites and ORB hardware) I told her she had to go with the dark brown sink. She did and it is gorgeous.

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We just had our cafe brown super single installed last week. I love the color, but don't dare post any of the pictures I have yet. It's in new construction and it's full of sheetrock dust. If you don't get some pictures from others, I can clean it up enough to get you a decent picture. I have giallo ornamental granite, stained alder cabinets and a SS faucet. Love the look. It's very warm and blends in beautifully with the granite.

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Here is picture of my Cafe brown silgranite - I love it. Deep, large and so easy to keep clean. Sorry about the lighting - I have a better pic on my computer at home and will try and post this evening if required. From 90% Done

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Here is picture of my Cafe brown silgranite - I love it. Deep, large and so easy to keep clean. Sorry about the lighting - I have a better pic on my computer at home and will try and post this evening if required. From 90% Done

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Do a serach on silgranite sinks. Yesterday I was reading in the gallery section (of the kitchen forum) and someone had posted a photo of their silgranite sink. It was a light color sink. the poster was complaining that it was impossible to clean and was very unhappy with it. I think her sink was 14 years old.

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ma-bookreader - If you scroll up on this thread you'll see where we already discussed that post.

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Regarding the weak bleach solution, I spoke with Blanco and they suggest the 50-50 bleach/water soak for a few hours, or the Clorox Clean-up products. I hate to use bleach and had success with a Magic Eraser. They said this is okay to use...

I was really thinking I had made a big mistake with the white Silgranite. I am really relieved to see how clean it got with the ME.

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kwar, Does your sink say Silgranit around the drain, or just BLANCO? If just Blanco, that doesn't mean that it's Silgranit. Let us know or post another picture. If you don't know it to me and I'll post it for you.

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The prospect of bleach lightening the darker colors of silgranit has me concerned and also the damage from chemicals. I might want to use bleach to disinfect a cutting board or to get a stain out of Le Creuset and I hate to have to worry it might damage the sink. There are chemicals to clean floors and counters that might be poured down the sink, and again I would hate to worry. I had really thought it was more impervious than that. I wouldn't care so much with a drop in sink, but once you undermount it, it's really a job to change out if they can do it at all.

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Hi Everyone.

I decided to call Blanco's customer service to find out about that 14 year old sink and the claim that it is a Silgranit. I spoke with a woman and emailed her the link. Together, we looked at the sink and right away she said that is was NOT a Silgranit. She confirmed my suspicions that it was a quartz composite, that were popular in the 90s. She had old product manuals going back pretty far...and finally she came across the sink in that photo. She said they were manufactured, starting in 1992. She faxed me a spec sheet on it, with a photo, and it is indeed a Blancotec Silacron quartz sink. Model number 505-199. It was 70% quartz and 30% acrylic resin. She said that the sinks can be sanded with 300-400 wet grit sand paper to bring back the finish. She also said that one of her friends had this sink and it still looks great today. She thinks the sink may have not been taken care of very well...and possibly was 'bleach stained' over time. She said it was too bad the homeowner didn't call to get help on her sink.

I just lost a sink sale due to that photo. Unfortunately, it scared a client away from Silgranit. That's when I had to know what it was...and that's why I took it upon myself to call Blanco. Silgranit is one of the best materials out there and the truth needed to be told.

I asked the rep if Blanco would post a response on here as well. I Know if I owned Blanco, I would want to make sure that no false information was out there about my products. She said she would pass the information on to the proper department and see if they wanted to pursue it. Maybe they will post here as well.


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installed a few: 2 weeks ago: opened one up from HD and it was cracked clear down the middle. Customer went a picked up new one: no questions asked. Box looked as if it had never been opened.

If some people have had for 5 years then that speaks for all the negatives.

Also, had one customer that hated because she said it was hard to clean. That doesn't sound consistant with posts on here.

Also, if something Should happen to sink: and it's undermounted: getting a cracked or broken sink Unglued is very difficult!

    Bookmark   March 18, 2009 at 3:08PM
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Mine was from HD and with me throwing it around in my cart and dragging it home myself, nothing was wrong with it at all when unpacked from the box. Mine had clips under and when the fabricators installed it, undermounted, they used the clips and sealed under and on top.

They said if anything should happen or if I didn't like it and wanted something else, it could easily be dropped down, by un clipping and unsealing and the granite would be fine.

I love my sink though. The hard water stains on the black just wipe right up with regular dish soap. It's super deep and none of my pots have made even so much as a mark on it.

Love it!

    Bookmark   March 18, 2009 at 4:29PM
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Just had my cafe super single installed Monday. It was well packed from Home and Stone...took it out to inspect it, put it back in it's foam packed box to send to the granite fabricators. I explained, to no avail, that some have said that it's fragile until installed...told them to be very careful with it. So Monday they show up with my granite and the sink was out of the box resting on some stuff in the back of the truck. I nearly had a heart attack.......but, it was perfectly fine, no damamge, no cracks. Miracle. They even had to trim it a bit onsite so it would fit the cab and the cutout. I thought for sure when it was all said and done that it would never hold water ;) I absolutely love it...everything about it, the size, the feel of it, the look of it. I don't regret getting rid of the stainless at all.

    Bookmark   March 18, 2009 at 5:26PM
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Not happy with the first one I got via internet order. The online company I used has initially given the impression that I could replace with the same product, change to a different sink or get a full refund. I'll try for a replacement but if something similar happens again, I'll have to rethink my sink choice.

    Bookmark   March 19, 2009 at 11:50PM
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I wonder if they make the smaller prep sinks in the silgranit , I've seen them in a small round prep sink. I want to get our main sink done, and also our prep sink done too. I want to say bye bye to my stainless steel sinks. Finding the right sizes to fit my granite areas will be a challenge .

    Bookmark   March 20, 2009 at 4:38AM
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I was looking at the sinks again last night and did see prep sinks!

    Bookmark   March 20, 2009 at 7:58AM
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I have one of the silganite prep sinks---it's the D shaped one and it's great. Matches the D shaped main sink. Just check Blanco's website, you'll see them.

    Bookmark   March 20, 2009 at 9:39AM
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Thanks seagrass7 we just have a small s/s square prep sink, I thought if I get the main sink done, I'll have to do the prep sink too. I'll checkout the site.

    Bookmark   March 20, 2009 at 4:01PM
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I regret my black silgranite sink from home depot,
after a short time it started showing white water spots, then while cleaning my stove burners with a oven cleaner for burners, I decided to rinse them off in the sink which took away the sinks finish and left large rough white spots, The cleaner said it was safe for appliances and sinks, I guess not, I am going to replace it with a stainless steel sink.

    Bookmark   April 24, 2011 at 12:33AM
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Any pics of the single bowls installed over mount?

    Bookmark   May 2, 2011 at 2:40PM
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I have a black granite sink and it was driving me crazy! It always looked stained. Got mineral oil and it is great. The water beads up and doesn't stain and the sink looks better than it did when I got it!!!!

    Bookmark   July 9, 2012 at 12:37PM
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My darling son used my black blanco sink to rinse his paint brush! He didn't rinse out the sink and now there is a paint residue left on the sink that I cannot remove. Any ideas??!! It is all of 3 DAYS OLD!! (and YES he is still alive!!)

    Bookmark   July 14, 2012 at 10:46PM
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Oh my! There ARE silgranites that are forgeries! I just purchased one!
All the paperwork was correct, the cutout was indeed for the PRECIS U 2, but the sink was different in size AND weight... What to do! :(

    Bookmark   April 4, 2014 at 9:45PM
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I recently installed a WHITE composite sink purchased from Home Depot. I really liked the look and never even considered STAINING! OMG was I surprised to see sauce stains in my new sink.

It wasn't until that time that I found the complaints. I set out on a mission to find a way to keep my sink from staining and have FOUND A SOLUTION!

When I finish doing my dishes I rinse out the sink and then spray it with Tilex Daily Shower. Just spray and leave it. - NO MORE STAINING!

Here is a link that might be useful: Tilex Daily Shower Cleaner

    Bookmark   May 10, 2014 at 6:29AM
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Just reading thru comments about Silgranit sinks from 2008. Wonder if anyone has purchased a white Silgranit sink more recently and if they like it. Does it stay white, easy to clean, and is it really white like white subway tile? I am trying to decide between it and a stainless large rectangular sink.

    Bookmark   July 19, 2014 at 9:16PM
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Fori is not pleased

Go to the Blanco website and send customer service an email--they'll send you a free sample to test out. You can also check the color of course.

(I've done some pretty terrible things to my white sample and so far it's doing okay.)

    Bookmark   July 19, 2014 at 9:37PM
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Blanco introduced "Silgranit II" in 2009, which was a big improvement. Not only will you not find complaints in the ensuing five years, but I even suspect the veracity of most if not all of the few complaints on this old thread. Note that the negative posts on this thread are posted by people signing up the same day (Mistrish, karen3678, lucyloo42), or, drachiele who owns a company that makes stainless steel sinks (Mr. Rachiele has appeared on the Kitchens Forum many times, and is actually very knowledgable, but his business is stainless steel sinks), or the funky "PC" with no My Page, just an email address.

Wakefield52--there are so many more recent Kitchens Forum threads on Silgranit sinks, really quite a lot, with positive feedback; you should be reassured that even this 6-year-old thread has positive reviews. I do not recall anyone in the last, say, 5 years with a Silgranit sink posting that s/he regretted the sink.

As to your question about the white color, me personally, I find the Silgranit white too white. I like the softer Biscuit color better. You can call Blanco and ask them to send you color chips so you can see how the color will look in your kitchen. If you prefer stainless--and many do--then go for that. Stainless sinks do scratch and show water marks, but people have liked them, and perhaps that is what you really want.

You might find this linked article about Silgranit II interesting.

Here is a link that might be useful: Press Release about Silgranit II

    Bookmark   July 19, 2014 at 9:56PM
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Fori and Shannonplus2--thank you so much for your comments and help and suggestion of sending for a sample. I did not know that was possible!!! I have had a stainless steel sink forever but was just reading about the Silgranit and wondered if that would be a wonderful choice for my white cabinets, leathered green and white marble counter tops. We are still in the planning stages so I truly appreciate your help and advice.

    Bookmark   July 19, 2014 at 11:48PM
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I put in a biscotti super single last year. LOVE it! Would never have anything else. We totally trash it day after day. Then I scrub it with a kitchen brush and some dish soap. When it is really gross I use bar keepers friend. It looks as great as they day it was installed!

    Bookmark   July 19, 2014 at 11:52PM
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Is Home Depot pegasus as good as siligranite? Can't finger a shallower blanco sink that is like in biscotti. With 3 cm granite 9-10 inches sounds too deep undermounted. I am 5'1. What about swanstone? How do these compare. I know the old ones were not granite but what about the newer ones? Desperate to make a decision. Thanks.

    Bookmark   July 22, 2014 at 7:13AM
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I have the Swanstone black (Nero) and love it! Had it 4 months and no complaints. It s the 70/30 low waved divide and I use mineral oil on it and water really beads up. It is a granite composite.

    Bookmark   July 22, 2014 at 8:20AM
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I have the Swanstone black (Nero) and love it! Had it 4 months and no complaints. It s the 70/30 low waved divide and I use mineral oil on it and water really beads up. It is a granite composite.

    Bookmark   July 22, 2014 at 8:24AM
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