Another filler needed - how to make use?

phylhlSeptember 20, 2012

I posted on the bathrooms forum a filler question - which was ultimately solved by moving 3" of the filler to where I wanted it, and buying a 3" rev a shelf pullout spice rack. Perfect solution.

Kitchen cabs going in, and a few unexpected filler situations have arisen. On the upper run, they're putting the filler where I would like it and I'm buying another rev a shelf.

Now they just pointed out that the prep sink is not centered under the upper, raised cabinet and needs to scootch down a few inches, hence another filler. Since this filler can either go beside the sink base, or one cab over - i would love a towel pull out for tea towels (but the inside of the space would have to be finished - not sure if that's possible). Anyone have a good towel or utensil pull out? Any good suggestions for a 3-4" space on lower cabs?

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I don't know if there is enough room but the only thing really missing from my kitchen reno is a hamper for dirty kitchen towels.

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Annie Deighnaugh

I have a towel holder next to the kitchen sink which is very convenient, and they did finish it on the inside to match the rest of the cabinetry.

I had a space made in the island for an outlet right where I needed it as most appliances have such short cords and I didn't want to have to use extension cords to run a blender or such.

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I love the towel holder - did you buy that or did they provide? I'm searching online.... but if you know the maker could you let me know? thanks!

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Now I'm getting a bit desperate. KD wants a decision yesterday about what to do with that filler. I have searched and searched and so far have not found an attractive dish towel holder (except for those that you'd put under a sink cabinet). If anyone can help with something that will go in a 3" filler space, max 22" deep, I would be so very grateful.

Ideally, I'm looking for a stainless steel finish, not chrome. Thanks!

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Durasupreme has this really nice one but I don't know if they sell just the pull-out. Might be something you'll need to have custom made.

But why is it your job to find the holder? Isn't that what we pay KD for?

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See link below.

Here is a link that might be useful: Undersink Pullout Towel Holder Sink & Base Accessories

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mayflower - not a clue! i guess it's because i want to use the space and wish to decide how to use it. I love the durasupreme, and yes it may require custom. Not sure yet.

I'm fine with an open, finished area, but really want to find something attractive enough to be seen all the time. I think the revashelf is more to be hidden.

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Meant to add...just b/c the pullout is meant to go under a sink does not mean it cannot be used in an enclosure like AnnieDeighnaugh's.

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At the very least, it will give you what you want, functionally, and you can continue to look for one that you like better with no pressure. Besides, it will be quite a while until you'll be ready for tell the KD you'll buy the insert (the RAS is only around $30 on their site & probably cheaper elsewhere) and then keep looking.

May_Flowers...a drawback I see to that type of towel holder is that you will be closing up an area with a wet towel and there won't be any air circulation to keep that cabinet "fresh". I would be concerned that over time it would get musty/mildewy if damp towels are constantly being stored there and b/c the cabinet is closed it will never adequately air out - both for the towel to dry and to get rid of the humid air created by the damp towel.

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