Placing cabinet order soon - seeking feedback

sksgradSeptember 8, 2013

This forum was enormously helpful during our first kitchen remodel. Unfortunately, we moved (well, fortunate in many respects - just not where the kitchen is concerned) and we are about to redo our second kitchen. I'm hoping to benefit from your collective wisdom again!

See below for our current plan. Are there any major oversights? Also, as you can see - in the U or backwards C area of the plan there are several small bases (12 and 15 inches) - what are your favorite uses for these small areas?

The current plan has a 36" sink cabinet in which we plan to put a deep single bowl undermount sink. Would you go with a smaller sink in order to have 15 inch bases to either side, or would you go with the larger sink and stick with 12 inch bases?

Thanks in advance!

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In your image it says lazy susan, but the dimensions look like it's a blind corner cabinet (right of sink). If you had a corner lazy susan there, your cab next to it could be a 30" instead of a 24".

I had a LS next to my stove in an old house and didn't have any problem accessing stuff.

Also might consider moving the DW to the end of the run so you had room to stand and load/unload.

Another option would be to move the sink over to the right, adding some or all of the cab space on the right of the sink to the base cab on the left. It looks like your window is large enough that it wouldn't look wonky. It feels like you have a bottle neck with the DW/sink where it is and also small storage trade-off for window symmetry.

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I have a 12 inch base to one side of my sink (DW on the other), and use it to store all my cutting boards on end, with rolling pins in the drawer above. I agree with deedles, though ... looks like you may have a problem loading dishes with the DW door opening in front of the sink. Would it be somewhat more functional to move the DW over to the opposite side of the sink by the doorway where you now have a 24 inch drawer base? Still not ideal, but I can understand your wanting symmetry with the window and the sink.

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Sophie Wheeler

I'd switch to a 25" single and off center the sink in a heartbeat and move the DW to beside the sink. That way, two people can work in the kitchen at once. One can be doing cleanup loading the DW, while another preps on the peninsula. I'd move the peninsula over enough to accomplish that, but with a single sink, I don't think it would be much. Then I'd add a pony wall to the back of the peninsula with a banquette on the other side. The pony wall is to merely keep prepped food and debris from dropping on to people sitting there. But, you'd be facing the people and have a cozy sitting spot both.

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Thanks for the feedback. I am ok with a little asymmetry with the sink but my husband is firmly not! In our last kitchen remodel, the top of a door frame came out a tiny bit off level and it bothered him on almost a daily I believe that the asymmetry of not centering the sink on the window would drive him crazy!

We are also somewhat limited regarding pushing back the peninsula. The windows on the far side of the peninsula come down lower (below counter height) and having done all the reframing we did with the last remodel we are trying to keep this remodel much simpler.

Regarding DW placement, we originally had placed it on the wall to the right of the sink but I realized that we would probably keep our plates and glasses in the cabinets above and I would struggle to reach to put things away (I'm a short one). So, we decided to move it into the peninsula. We could move the DW to the end of the peninsula to uncramp the sink.

We did have a lazy susan in the blind corner at first - I think we opted for a blind cabinet with some sort of pullout instead to allow for more useable room to the right of the sink. The "lazy susan" label must not have gotten removed.

I do love the banquette idea!

Thanks for all the thoughts, please keep them coming (even if I "yes, but..." them).

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