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l0sdaddySeptember 2, 2013

I've gotten so much great information from this forum so figured i'd reach out to see what you guys think about my new kitchen layout.. I have a couple of concerns but all things considered, it seems to do the trick.. any feedback is appreciated. Thanks.

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Need a full layout with measurements.

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measurements: kitchen will be about 190 sq feet... 12 x 16... 8 ft ceiling... island is 3 x 7.. stove 30", sink 30", fridge 36", dw 24"..

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top view

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What are the clearances around the island? How does the kitchen relate to the rest of the house? Are you planning on island seating? What's happening in the area to the lower right?

An overall sketch of the house would be very useful; a layout with dimensions and details would also be helpful. Are you putting lazy susans in the corners? Is there a window over the sink? What's in the cabinet under the microwave?

I think the reason you haven't gotten any answers is because there are far too many questions. Please read the "New to posting?" thread on the first page for suggestions on how to get more feedback.

Here is a link that might be useful: Buehl's Very Useful Thread

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if for whatever reason you really want the diagonal base cabinet in the corner,put the sink there. Move the range to within 12-15 in of wall on the left...that's enough...and you'll avoid the congestion you have brewing. put a 12 in cab to right of sink cab,then the dishwasher, then you'll have enough space to place a cab with upper mwave opening which will be near the fridge/freezer. ....much better than diagonally opposite your fridge. Or mwave drawer in island?? Put a little secondary sink in island, so the cook at the corner sink with good counter to her left and right can be uninterrupted by others doing things, when she is busy with her main functions.

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I know you're trying, but 3D is more of a finishing step in kitchen design - the floor plan (a 2d view of your model) will tell us with precision where things are in relation to each other. Even the top view of a 3D model won't.

So, coupla things.

The position of the microwave might be an issue. In our house, a lot of things entering the micro come from the ref/pantry, go onto plates and then to the micro +/- toasted bread. The micro is ok if its a single person kitchen, but not so ok otherwise. It can cause a bit of space contention. Plus the door gonna wap the wall.

Better might be a drawer micro, over closer to the ref/pantry.

The exact location of the cleanup sink is the next note. Loading/unloading the dishwasher and setting table can cause pretty good jam ups in front of the only source of water/drainage. It's also a pretty good bet that piled up dishes will take all of the space to the right side of the sink.

If you're really using a sxs, the frzr door and the dishwasher door can run into each other when both are open. Remember that even a "counterdepth" ref is about 30" deep.

With a 3 foot wide island COUNTERTOP, underneath you'll either have a normal depth base of about 24"-25" or a normal depth plus a panel (25" - 26") or custom depth base cabinet plus a panel. Strangely, the depth of cabinets is not exactly standarized, so ymmv depending on who made the cabinets.

If you have 3 feet of cabinet depth, you will have at least a 39" countertop. Island counters are always 3" wider than the depth of the cabinets. Wall counters are always 1.5" width than the depth of the cabinets. Aisle clearance recommendations are counter to counter, Or counter to blank wall.

You sort of drew a seating overhang. It's recommended that a seating overhang be 15" deep minimum, although lots of people use 12". Because of the decorative panels required, think about the total depth of the island top as being more like 26" + 12" + 3" or `40-41" or there-about.

When you have seating with a walk through, you need to decide how much of a walk way is required and also allow for any outside door swings. Without considering door swings, a 42" aisle on the seating side + 41" for island width + 42" aisle on the ref side + 26" for counter depth on cabinets attached to wall is about 7" over the width of the room.

Remember when you have them big ol' glass doors to the outside that they have to open somewhere. You'll either have two 5 foot sliding panels or some combination of windows and doors.

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