Ceiling Light for small U Shape Kitchen

calyle7September 4, 2013

Does anyone have track Lighting (there is a lot of cool track lights out there now) in their kitchen?
Someone advised me to put in one or two track lights that would fill most of the space in the center of the U cabinets which is 9 x10 and get the ones that you can direct the lights in the direction you want. She said if i got the LED...that I wouldn't need any cam lights.... Opinions and Suggestions Please!
I will have a pendant light over the sink and one over a 37" small snack bar. I will also have a hanging light at the end of the kitchen over the table. Entire kitchen is 9x16.
Would the track lights be enough without some cam lights?
I will have under counter lighting.
Thanks everyone for your help...It has been a Blessing!

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In a small kitchen, track lights plus pendants might be too cluttered. Have you considered a couple of cans in the center of your U?

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Majra, That is what I was thinking....Especially since I am now ready to do this. I will be going tomorrow to get the LED Cam lights....and see how much light I have after they are installed.
Thinking about doing one at the end of the U where the stove is...and one on each side of the cabinet run...I'm thinking one will be all I need on the one side...in between the pendant over the sink and the pendant over the bar which is both on the same side..will get small pendants for both. On the other side , will put it in same place as the one between the pendants....Hope that will be enough?
Thoughts anyone?

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How big is the floor space in the U? Is the sink in the middle of the U? And the snack bar on one arm? (leg? whatever you call it?) Can you describe the layout?

The reason I ask is--I'm in the final stages of my kitchen plan & I'm omitting the recessed lights to save money. In my galley kitchen w/eat-in area at one end, decided that 2 ceiling fixtures, under cabinet lights on one side and the under micro hood light on the other will be enough. And, I think a light over the sink. And, my kitchen is small, too.

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Those are all good points, gnancy. Another factor to consider is how bright or dark your kitchen is. Mine is in a dark corner of the house, so sometimes I use the can lighting even during daytime hours. I like it pretty bright when I'm working in the kitchen.

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The back of the U is where the stove is with a 15" cabinet on either side and then a corner cabinet. That complete area is 108"less the cabinets on either side. The stove will have a OTR Microwave with 30" ..18"tall cabinets over it)

Then looking into the U the sink is on the right..it will have a pendant over it and will be under a 36" window that goes out into a glassed in enclosed porch...so some light there.
Then there is a 21" wall cabinet and then the 37 1/2" opening for the snack bar and a 36" opening floor to ceiling into the den. I will have a small Pendant over the 371/2" piece of granite. We did this for our youngest Grandson so he will have his own space to sit.

Other side of U which would be the darker side is 97" long with the Ref at the end then a door going into DR. There is 5 more ft at the end where there are 3 windows and I will have a hanging light over the small kitchen table.
So after thinking about this....I am going to just put the cam lights in...No over the head ceiling light of any kind.
I am just wondering if it will be better to put two on either side Or....one in the middle over the stove one on either side and then one at the end of the cabinet runs in the middle to line up with the one over the stove??
The long florescent light encased in a frame (doesn't really look that bad) lights up my whole kitchen...but I also had a florescent light over the sink and one over the window.....and the hanging light over the table ...So when I had them all on...my kitchen was a glow...lol...but hubby loves lots of light.
But I am so tired of those lights and want to do something different and a bit more updated....so hoping the four cams..thinking now LED.. will be enough with my pendants and over table light...of course the cams will be my task lighting along with under cabinet lights of some source. Will see what they tell me at the lighting store.
thanks so much for your help...

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The first thing I would do is measure your kitchen, length, width, and height. Draw a quick layout and bring this to the lighting store. Different lights of the same kind have different lighting capabilities. If canned lights cover 40sf, 60sf, or even as little as 20sf, then you will have to buy the appropriate light for your exact need for that part of the kitchen. For this you need a professional, not just a person who happens to work in the big box stores lighting department. If you think you can't afford the prices at a lighting store, you can at least gleen some information. Maybe they will cut you a deal if you buy from them. I have found this in the past. In the long run, the better quality is worth the money spent in not having to replace them in just a few years, the security of knowing that they will not burn your house down around you, and they usually look better.

I will say that in your small kitchen track lighting and pendants will be overkill and ruin anything you put in the room itself. It would bring your eyes up when they should be focusing on the cabinets, counters, appliances, and flooring.

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I agree with RoRo67. I've been looking at a couple of online sites that seem to specialize in LED undercabinet lighting. I haven't studied the websites, but my impression is they will offer specific advice for your situation, if you call. Maybe you can find a similar site for the lights you're thinking of.

Not too far off the subject but I called a "green goods" place a week or so ago to order Marmoleum, and wasn't sure how much to order. I called and talked to a person, and ended up emailing him my floor plan to double check. He even found the list of master Marmoleum installers for my state from Forbo (the manufacturer; needed for warranty), and emailed that back to me, too. All this, and the product was on sale with free shipping!

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I went today to a lighting specialty store and showed him the floor plan and the dimensions...he recommended 3 or 4 cam lights, decided to go with 4 (two down each side of the U.)
He also said I could get just the regular cans and then get LED lights if I wanted...that I didn't need to spend the additional money for special cans and inserts.
I then went to Lowe's and was told the same thing....I got a Utilitech can and got a Led insert that had both the light and the rim that could be used in the regular can...so saved a little there....and they were on sale.
Both the Specialty Lighting Store and Lowe's said I didn't need any other ceiling light with the cams...so that was good.
Now we shall see tomorrow after they are installed....how it looks.
thanks everyone..

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