Recirculating hoods - recommendations, please

suzanne_slSeptember 22, 2012

My son lives in a 700 sf condo in the DC area, which he owns. He likes to cook, and last night cooked salmon. His place still smells of salmon this afternoon even with the patio door open at the other end of the living room. That is the only door/window in the main living area. Before too much longer he won't be able to leave that door open for long.

There is no possibility of a venting hood. Currently he has an OTR microwave whose hood function is obviously limited. His question is, who has a recirculating type hood that is of any use at all? It would be nice if said hood were connected to a MW (he could move his, but space is obviously at a premium), but he could live with moving the OTR if necessary. His range is a standard 30" gas range of the type put in apartments and condos.

I checked out old threads, but it seems like better options were just coming out and no one had real world experience just yet. Anyone with something you could recommend? DH is a good candidate for actually cleaning and changing filters and charcoal, so that isn't a limiting factor.

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Son, he's a son, not my husband! So much for proofing while carrying on a different conversation.

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You might want to check out this thread in the appliances forum:

Here is a link that might be useful: vent-a-hood recirculating

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I'm re-habbing a 1903 building into a residence and can't go (ok, I don't want to) through 4 foot thick brick walls to create an outside vent.

My choice is an Air King Advantage from Farm & City Supply on eBay. It has a combination mesh/carbon filter and a 3 year warranty.

I did look on line at Vent-a-Hood but felt Air King offered what I wanted in a reasonable price range.

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writersblock, I saw that thread and it had the most useful info I found. I copied several of those answers and sent them on.

MuleHouse, there's a new one! I also sent this info on.

Thanks, all. If he ends up doing one of these, I'll absolutely pass on his evaluation. Salmon permeated walls leave something to be desired!

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While the vent a hood is way, way out of my budget, I don't see anything on the air king page that looks any different from any other inefficient recirc hood. Can you provide a link to the one that's special, MuleHouse?

I have to say that since you are rehabbing a whole building, in your situation I would absolutely positively vent outside. Like suzannesl's son I live in a townhouse where I'm not allowed to do that. Otherwise I'd never consider recirculating.

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