Michele222September 9, 2013

I have an older DCS range that we plan on keeping.
We are getting new cabinets and countertops.

In the past we had a sheet of stainless steel on the wall behind the range going up to the hood.

Now I would like a tile backslash. I have not talked to a tile person as yet. I am wondering where you start the tile behind the range. There is a back to the range that extends up a foot from the burners. This leaves wall on either side of the range that could be tiled as well.

Would they start the tile a counter height on either side of the range and then run it at that same level behind the range?

I have learned so much here. I am very indebted to you all.

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I think they would go all the way up the wall behind the range.

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Yes, all the way up to the hood but where would they start behind the range with the 12 inch back on top of it. Would they begin behind the range at the same height as they do on the counters on either side? In other words would they begin halfway up the wall behind the range or need to start their upward climb at floor level?

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Michele222, my understanding is tilers pull the range forward or out, and start at countertop height behind the range. This way if the range is changed out to island trim, for example, you have it fully tiled.

If you're in your final home, that's your call, but it may be smart to keep enough extra tiles, just in case. Installed later, they might look different in color too. GL.

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If you can't see it, you usually just start at the same level If you can see any area below the countertop but behind the range, for some reason, I would tile that.

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