Wanting Pics of Windows Flanking a Cooktop and...

aloha2009September 16, 2012

Instead of an elaborate hood, or even a SS glass vent hood, I'm looking for pics with a retractable vent or a fairly inconspicuous vent above the cooktop under a cabinet.

With the kitchen completely open to the house and front door, I'm now thinking, I may want to scale down the kitchen looking too much like a kitchen. I've played around with the IKEA planner and it looks decent IMO but IRL is what matters.

I love the layout GW was very instrumental in helping me lay out, but now I'm trying to determine that absolute specifics.

I'm hoping someone can find something.

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No canopy over the stovetop?

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IF a canopy it would be a thin one like 6" or so with a kitchen cabinet above it.

We had originally planned on a curved glass vent with a flue going up the ceiling. I can find tons of pictures of that set up. It's still an option but I like the idea of a cabinet just above the cooktop (function). We'll have drawers close so it's not a necessity if we can't make it look right.

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Wife did not want a hood, I did and I "lost" but what we have works very well.

We have an outside power unit for the "hood" and it is continuously variable and it's pretty quiet, unless you kick it up to "Full Speed"---which is high enough to suck the hair off our cats!

Anyway, without "further Ado" here are the pictures of our
"Non Hood".


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Wow Dodge59! Where did you get that vent? It look likes it takes very little room in the upper cabinet. How is it vented out? It's not quite what I wanted as far as the pics go but I'm VERY glad you posted since you have a sleek, hidden vent that has suction power. I'm almost afraid to ask how much it cost.

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Our kitchen is totally open, too. Pretty much on view from the front door, although we added in a couple walls to create a bit more privacy (so you can't see completely in, just partially, until you walk a few steps toward our living room LOL).

I added windows to flank the range; I like a light and bright kitchen, and wanted to be able to peek out into the yard to see what my kids are up to. I love the way it looks AND the functionality.

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Melle, I so much know what you mean by having all that natural light streaming into your kitchen. I've tried many configuration, but I just grimace of the thought of giving up my new windows. Great set up you have!

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Dodge59's vent would not pass inspection in any jurisdictions that I'm aware of. Most require 30" of space to a combustible surface over a cooking appliance. The wood bottom of a cabinet is certainly a combustible surface! It doesn't provide enough metal covered capture area for grease and steam. Using wood as a capture area will lead to an accumulation of a coating of grease, which is an even further increased fire hazard. It would need to be entirely covered in stainless to be safe, and it would be preferable if the entire surface was mesh screens to capture the cooking byproducts. If there is ever a skillet with a flare up here, it could be possible to set the whole kitchen on fire much easier than if the bottom of the cabinet were covered with non flammable material.

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