Another Garden Web Inspired Finished Kitchen ( Lots of Pics)

LRy511September 5, 2011

My new kitchen makes me smile. I have to thank everyone at the Garden Web Kitchen Forum for giving me wonderful, practical ideas to help create my new kitchen. I also have to thank my DH for allowing me to do what I wanted to do in this kitchen, mainly white cabinets.

I have lived in this house for 13 years and always knew one day we would (God willing) renovate the kitchen. At first I wanted to change everything as far as layout, however, as time went on I discovered the layout really worked well and all I need to do was tweak a few areas. I needed to create a larger prep zone; I needed the garbage bin to by my prep zone and not half way across the kitchen. I also needed move the microwave away from the range at the request of my four children. I switched the refrigerator and wall oven to shrink the work triangle. My DH and I debated whether to put in a narrow island/ table or keep our kitchen table. We decided the space would be too small for an island and I liked the family sitting around the table and talking to one another and not seated bar style.

Many thanks to the Garden Web for giving me the impetus to ask if we could raise an obtrusive beam (left over from a 1985 renovation) into the ceiling. This beam caused the 6" vent pipe to run through several cabinets severely limiting my storage space. All gone now! This alone helped to create more storage space .We also expanded the opening into the family room and eliminated a door into the dining room and upgraded the windows to tilt-ins.


Range: Electrolux Induction Cooktop Range with second oven.

Wall oven: Electrolux single wall oven

Refrigerator: Kitchen Aid Architect II French Door Refrigerator (KFCS22EVMS4) Love the water feature inside!

Dishwasher: Kitchen Aid KUDE40FXPA panel ready. And Yes! you can integrate a Kitchen Aid if you know up front you need to allow for an extra �" in length. My CG put an extra �" sheet of sheet rock on the wall and cut out the space for the dishwasher. We had plenty of room to accommodate the Kitchen Aid and make it look integrated.

Microwave: GE Monogram ZEM200SF

Hood: Broan Elite Rangemaster Power Pack RMP17004

Cabinets: Dura Supreme: Crestwood series

Arcadia Classic, Maple perimeter in classic white

Arcadia Classic, Cherry Hutch peninsula

Granite: New Venetian Gold

Hardware: Amerock 96mm Westerly Pulls in Satin Nickel

Amerock Revitalize Knobs in Satin Nickel

Sink: Franke Orca sink, Love,Love,Love!!!

Faucet: Kohler K-690 Vinnata in polished chrome

Lotion Dispenser: Kohler Fairfax collection

Backsplash: Sonoma Tile; market collection, Ashbury Series in Mojave ( 4x4, subway, bead liner and moulding) also, Tumbled Honey onyx .

Under cabinet Lighting: Utilitech LED under cabinet lights

Flooring: Verde1999, Moonstone 20 x 20 porcelain tiles.

Charging Drawer

Wall Color: BM 1639 Windy Sky







message center:

charging drawer:





eating area:


Future Roman Shade Fabric for windows:

Orca Sink:

love the lowered outlets:

Drawers for pots:

New Floor:

Sam loves it too!


integrated dishwasher:

Thank You looking at our pictures!

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Absolutely Beautiful!!! Congratulations on a job well done. I love the shelf over your sink.

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Oh, it's lovely! I particularly like how the Vinnata faucet looks in your kitchen - absolutely the perfect proportion and style for the kitchen. Also, I like how you have the perfect place for your microwave. Everything is just so pretty, I want to step magically through my computer screen, and sit down for a cup of tea!

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Doggy's all tuckered out! I love that sink area too. When I first went through the pics I thought you had moved the sink to a window, but it wasn't making sense with the rest of the layout. I had to do another take to understand. I think the wide opening to the next room is smart. Very pretty, I like the fabric too.

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Beautiful. I have a question since my "someday plan" is to have my cabinets painted white--

Are you cabinets painted the same color as you baseboard trim? I already have white trim and don't know if it should be the exact same color. My trim is a very bright white.

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Thank you your kind words. It is more exciting somehow sitting in this kitchen having my tea. The feeling is so different. I didn't think it would have such a difference emotionally. I will walk through the house like I normally do and when I enter the kitchen I am totally taken off guard. But if you think about it the layout has not changed dramatically only the outward appearance. It is the feeling it evokes. It is hard to explain, but after taking the Sweeby test, I have hit all the right marks in this kitchen.

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LRy511 - I think your kitchen is now one of my favorites. It's really beautiful. I have to admit, I have a little "backsplash envy" when I look at yours behind your range. If I coulda I woulda, but something like that wouldn't work in my kitchen. I think it looks spectacular in yours!! SQ

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Just beautiful! My favorite things: the new message center and tucked away microwave, backsplash design behind the range, faucet and perfect example of how a sink on a wall can work, and the fridge wall. Can we see inside the pantry (if that is what the right of the fridge is)? Just lovely!

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Wow! It looks wonderful. What a huge improvement removing that beam made. Lovely touches. Love the backsplash and the range detail.

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Nice job! Thanks for sharing it with us. I'll have a cup of tea too.

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Yvonne Albertyn_Brazil

Wow!! You have a beautiful and functional kitchen - and a gorgeous pup. How old is Sam?

I really like where you put the second oven, and how you hid the office "clutter". The power strip in the drawer is a great idea - and would keep all the charging devices together. I like the microwave placement - near the eating area to make it easy to warm up meals before sitting down. And, it has its own landing space.

Couple of questions - where did you move the phone and Sam's waterbowls? And, where did you purchase the chandelier?

You have a reason to smile!

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LOVE it! What a pretty kitchen!

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So open and spacious looking. I like it alot.

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Fantastic, everything. Really can't add anything that others have not said.
One of the best parts is that you got rid of the beam! I remember your earlier posts.
Love the Golden. (We had ours for 15 years and I still miss her every day)

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Allow me to gush. Love, love, love the backspash and how it pulls everything together. Especially love the beaded-looking tile. Love the shelf over the sink. Love the wall color and roman shade fabric. Love the floor tile and the way it's laid. Love the granite even though I don't love granite. Love the way the new kitchen made the shoes in the foyer disappear (I have shoes EVERYWHERE). Love the charging drawer. Love the blue hydrangeas. Love the wider doorway.

Now you're making me second-guess everything. I wanted the Franke orca but changed my mind to silgranit because I was afraid it would scratch. Has yours scratched at all? I also wanted a tile very similar to yours laid in the same pattern but I changed my mind to wood or bamboo because the room is so open to the great room and I wanted one flooring. Hmmmmm.

Great job!!!

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This is such a pretty and serene kitchen, although with 4 kids, I am sure it gets chaotic at times, lol...

The first thing that grabbed me was the tile feature and bs.
The beaded liner over the 4 x 4s is so nice too.

I like how you moved the micro to not be in the way of the cook and how well organized everything is over there.

The glass shelf over the sink is lovely in how it lets the light through. It floats a bit. I also like the quieter lines of your cabs and large format tile. The whole look is softer than before. It all flows so nicely ;)

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Wow...I love your kitchen. It looks simply wonderful. So many nice touches. Excellent job! I hope it brings you years of happiness.

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Wow, what a difference removing that beam makes! Wise decision. Ditto for the larger entrance into your kitchen. I may steal your idea for a charging drawer. Smart! Your kitchen is such a serene place to be, you must love it!

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I like everything about your new kitchen. Especially that beautiful white faced sleeping dog. They just make your kitchen warmer! It is nice hearing how a kitchen can make you smile because it is a job making all the decisions, going through it and then finally seeing the completed result. Congrats, it turned out great.

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Beautiful! Love all the pictures showing all the details! I love white kitchens! You did a fantastic job putting everything together, it all looks perfect!

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I love a white "magazine worthy" kitchen that looks LIVED IN! Fantastic job. I echo everyone else: love the glass shelf, love the widened doorway, love your message centre. Granite and backsplash look absolutely beautiful. I also like how you seemed to integrate the crown above the door with the cabinet crown. Great job.
I have the same range, and have been enjoying using it for the last few weeks. Hope you too are liking it!

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Very serene. Really pleasant kitchen, and I really like the sink area, too.

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Very nice - I especially like the range area!

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What a difference! It looks great!

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It's really very beautiful and very soothing. Congrats on a job well done and I hope you thoroughly enjoy your new space.

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I'm amazed at how much more open and fresh and airy and relaxing your kitchen appears to be. And you didn't bring in any more space. You must love it. I like the backsplash and the area behind the range, the fridge wall, the counter space. Yea, ok I'm gushing.
You were right to keep the table and chairs.

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Really, really, really lovely transformation! So much nicer with the doorway wider and the lighter colors. A breath of fresh air compared to the 'before' photos.

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Such a nice difference! Sam agrees, apparently!!! :-)

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It's beautiful. I agree with other posters that the Microwave, charger drawer area is great. Love the cabinets there!

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buddysmom - I totally understand about the two whites. The trim in the rest of my house is a brighter white. However,the cabinets is a softer white. I matched it to BM Acadia white. I had the painter pain the trim in the kitchen with acadia white and all other trim(in the hallway we had all the doors painted) with the other white. Even though I matched the paint, the trim still looks a little lighter than the cabinets and crown moldings.

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Very beautiful. Everyone has already said it, but I love the white cabs, the tile and backsplash, the napping pooch, the hydrangeas and the fabric choice. A bright and comfortable space to cook or sip tea in. Congrats! Good inspiration as the demo of my own kitchen looms.

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Lovely kitchen, thanks for sharing!

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Thank You to everyone for your lovely comments. I am very thankful I found this Kitchen Forum. I have been mostly lurking for several months, but every once in a while I will jump in with a question or comment.

Yandj- Sam is 9 years old. We call him our Golden Oldie. Sam's water bowls were moved to the back of the peninsula next to the table. This change was needed so his water bowl would not be kicked by one of the kids and spill all over the floor. But don't worry Sam will always find any food left in the kitchen.

The phone was an issue. I originally wanted to put it in a appliance garage on the peninsula, but that did not work out. So right now our phone/answering machine is in the family room. If it becomes a hassle to answer the phone in another room, I am thinking of placing one of the additional lines to the left of our range. The kitchen is convenient and I am always in there. I am waiting to see what works best. The phone placement will evolve.

Chandelier - I bought it at a lighting store here in Connecticut but you can find it at any online lighting store. It is made by Framburg and is part of their Williamsburg Collection in satin pewter.

mpagmom - funny how a new kitchen gets rid of all the shoes! But actually, I took these pictures on the first day of school last week and well, the shoes reappeared after school. I still have a lot of shoes in that spot, especially since the first thing I tell them is "take your shoes off" then " How was school today?"

Thank you for your comments on the glass shelf. I agonized over the decision to put it in or not. Originally there was a wooden shelf there and I had the cabinet guy take it out because it blocked the light to the sink.(I should have known better, but live and learn). My DH liked to space totally open and so did I. We got the shelf and did not know if we should put it in or not. I did not want to clutter up the space. At the last minute I told my CG to install it and I am glad I did. Now I have a spot for my Santa's come Christmas time.

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Just beautiful, I love the change!

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Lovely! Very graceful and serene. I love what you did with the peninsula.

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Very, very nice. Somehow within the same space, your kitchen went from dark and dreary to light and airy. It should make you smile. Enjoy!

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I love the new look of your kitchen, very clean and serene.

Your sweet Golden looks mighty content, too :)

/another Golden (x2) Mama

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countrygirl217 - here is a picture of my inside my pantry. I also have roll-outs in the peninsula and under the wall oven. I love them. I also had to decide if I wanted roll-outs for my pots and pans, but because they would be over by the kitchen table I opted for the large drawers and I absolutely love them. Very convenient and they store A LOT.

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Yay! The beam is finally outta the forehead! I'm sure your cabinets feel relieved.

It all looks great.

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I looove the drawer with the plugs for all the cell phones, etc. You can hide all the junk in there. Great, beautiful job. You must be so proud. Very well done.

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I love what you've done! Looks AMAZING!

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What a beautiful kitchen! Such a great transformation!!!

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Really nice!!

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Well done!! Wow! What a difference the removal of the beam and the widening and squaring off of the doorway make! Love all those personal touches that make it your kitchen. Enjoy those relaxing cups of tea now that it is all done!

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How was the shelf over the sink hung? Thanks for any info! Lovely kitchen!

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Joaniepoanie- thanks for asking about the glass shelf. It was hung with some left over cabininet shelf hangers. They are clear and are the same shelf holders put into the holes in my cabinets. I hope I am making sense. The glass is tempered also .

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Lovely! I am going to look at that sink, it looks like a best of both worlds when you use the rack? Great idea with charging drawer. Love you paint color and you picked the perfect fabric for the valance. Enjoy!

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Charging drawer?! Genius.

Great work on the kitchen!

I love how the table looks updated just because it's in an updated room. Are you going to keep that one or are you thinking of changing it?

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You did a marvelous job! Some places make one feel "pressed in upon" with all the busy-ness of patterns. Your kitchen gives such a calm pleasing feeling to me. What a joy it must give you to enter it and work there. Enjoy!

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What a gorgeous kitchen!

I will be "borrowing" the idea of the charging drawer for my new kitchen - what a concept!

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Srahhomeremodel- we will be keeping the table for now. Then top needs to be refinished ( my DS school project took the finish off in one spot) so I may have the wood top and seats finished in a darker color to match the peninsula. We think the table looks much better now in the renovated kitchen too. Thanks for your comments.

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LRy511, since you posted a picture of your beautiful backsplash with the smaller cabinet over the sink and glass shelf, I did a search for your kitchen. Your title picture I had printed since I love the running bond pattern you used which I have decided I am using also. I LOVE your soft white cabinets (love their style, color and hardware), your granite, your beautiful backsplash over your range, your sink set up, your faucet, your 20X 20 beautiful tiles, the way you got the beam out of the way, your wheat-back chairs (I have the same one but mine I think are in a honey maple color now), all the light you have in the kitchen with that bay window and all the ceiling lights, your wall color, the drawer storage, the pantry pull out drawers and your doggie!

Thanks again for sharing. You did an amazing renovation that is beautiful as well as more functional.

    Bookmark   October 21, 2011 at 11:57PM
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