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blackchamoisSeptember 13, 2013

(I also posted on the Bathroom forum)

I just got a quote for material/fabrication/installation of Caesarstone counters for both my guest bath and master bath. (I really only need the guest bath counter, but the places I've contacted so far only sell full slabs so, if that is my only option, I thought I could include my master bath counter as well.)

The guest bath vanity measures 40.5" x 22" and already has the plywood down, just no top.

The master bath vanity measures 101.5" x 22 but would need the existing top removed and plywood put down.

The gentleman said that he could do both with one slab, and the cost of the slab (Organic White) is $960.

The total price he quoted was $2570 for all of the above, so $960 for material and $1870 for fabrication/installation.

Does that sound high, or is that fairly average?

Thank you!

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Sophie Wheeler

With splashes? With undermount sink cutouts, polishes, and mounting? And the removal of the old counter? No plumbing reconnect?

All of those are extras.

Average labor here would be $40 a square foot, but we deal in 3 cm with no edge buildup. Average for an undermount vanity cutout would be around $300. Average for removing old counters would be around $5 a foot if it were easy like cultured marble and $10 a square foot if it were hard like tile.

So, 27 square feet actually fabricated (thats counting a splash only one one side and the rear) That's $1080 for just the basic fabrication. Add in $900 for 3 undermount sinks, and you're to $1980. Plus $35 for the removal of the old counter and another $20 for the ply underlayment. We're up to $2035 in my low cost labor area of the country. So, sounds like a good deal to me.

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holly - Thanks for all the great info and cost breakdown. That helped a lot! You pretty much nailed it! (I am in So Cal btw so labor costs are probably higher)

- splashes - yes. 1 side and back (guest), 2 sides and back (master)
- undermount sink cutouts - 3
- removal of old counter - master only
- plumbing reconnect - no. will have someone else do that

Thanks again!

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We used Olive Mill for a marble vanity top and Corian in the kitchen. They did a great job and their prices were competitive. They are in Anaheim Hills.

Here is a link that might be useful: Olive Mill

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Price would be fair here in NY north of the city.

Even if you wanted to just do the small top and could find a place that has a "vanity program" , typically be someone who stocks a lot of the material- a big place.

For instance with a Cambria "vanity program" availalbe to me: the small top, would cost about $700 with splashes and sink included, delivered to the store. Home delivery and installation would be extra. The large top would not be availlable in the "program" but say a little more than double- add delivery and installl and your spending at least as much as your quote your just getting a few Chinese sinks thrown in.

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1929 - Thanks! I remember you mentioning Olive Mill. I'll give 'em a call.

jakuvall - Thank you. Someone else mentioned the vanity program too. I was not familiar with it. Something to consider!

Thanks again!

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