Thoughts on this kitchen/dining room setup? Pics

olivesmomSeptember 17, 2012

What do you think of these cabinets between the kitchen and dining room? Do you like the idea?

Southern Living's 2009 Georgia Idea House

View from dining room

From kitchen

Floor plan

I'm in the process of gathering ideas for our new build and I can't stop thinking about that setup. I originally wanted one very large great room with a kitchen open to the dining and living areas. Our current home is setup that way (although on a very small scale) and it works for our family. However, I do tire of seeing the usually messy kitchen and I think cabinets between the two spaces would hide the mess and provide a little formality to the dining space without closing it off too much. I also like that the cabinets could severe as a buffet table when dining.

I definitely do not want a separate dining room, and I feel like the cabinet partition setup is a good compromise between that and the open great room. I'm wondering though if there are any downsides to having a partition.

I would love to hear your thoughts. Thanks in advance!

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I like that particular aspect of the kitchen design which creates a semi-transparent separation between the kitchen and the dining room.

There are some other things I don't like about the plan such as the relative isolation of the range between two doorways, with what appears to be not much counterspace to each side.

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Yes, I agree about the rest of the kitchen. From the photos is seems too large in some ways, plus as you mention the appliance placement is odd. What I do love about it (in addition to the cabinet partition): the row of windows above the sink- so pretty, and the countertop that is open to the grilling deck. I grill a lot and having acces to a countertop as well as the kitchen (via sliding glass doors) would be so nice.

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The cabinets you are thinking about remind me a lot of artteacher's. I just tried looking up her kitchen on the old Finished Kitchens Blog. There are only 2 photos and neither show these cabinets (the link to her kitchen no longer works.) I've always admired the kitchen.

We put a cabinet between our kitchen and dining area and it's one of my favorite features in the kitchen. The upper part is glass on 3 sides (the 4th side butts into a wall). I feel as though the kitchen is still very connected to the table area, but is separate enough to allow me to concentrate. I also appreciate not having to stare at the mess waiting for me as I eat dinner.

The cabinet s just to the right of the microwave:

From the dining room side it looks like this. The counter height doors open up to a pass through.

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And also, I love being able to access our plates and glasses from either side.

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