Tab (Finger) pulls on drawers

jerzeegirlSeptember 22, 2012

I really like Tab Pulls (also called Finger Pulls) and was hoping to install them on my new frameless cabinet drawers. Do these pulls sit on the top edge of the cabinet and screw in from back? Do you have to cut a groove in the top of the cabinet or is there enough clearance between the drawers that a tab pull would be useable. I can't seem to find any installation information.

Here is a link that might be useful: This is what they look like.

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There was enough room between my drawers for those mockett pulls.without preparing a mortise.

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ikea has models like this now. Klippig and Blankett. Also, a Richelieu hardware distributor can sell you 12 feet length of an extrusion like 318612170 or 3186120 and you cut your own handle lengths from it. I have all these. Yes, they sit on the top edge of the drawer fronts and screw in from the back.

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I purchased the same pulls for use in my kitchen and one bathroom. The bathroom vanity was custom made and the local cabinet maker sunk the pulls into the top of each drawer/door so the tops are flush. The kitchen cabinets (frameless) were ordered from other suppliers. I'll put the pulls on the drawers/doors myself. There's enough clearance between them so that the pulls will fit with no need to cut into the wood.

These are great pulls, by the way. The cabinet maker wanted to use Hafele instead but there was no comparison. The Hafele metal isn't as heavy, the tab sticks out farther, the underside of the tab is square rather than the rounded style of the Mockett, and the squared edge isn't as thick as the Mockett rounded one.

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We have two cabs with finger pulls. We used black Hafele pulls (so the pulls would "blend-in" with the black granite counter just above them).

Here's the cab door with finger pull, closed (far end of the pic/island):

Here's the door, open:

Doors didn't need to be routed in any way. Pulls were just screwed on (inside the door), and there is plenty of clearance.

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This is VERY helpful!

How many pulls do you suggest for 30" drawers? I am thinking probably better to do two per drawer than one in the middle.

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