Soapstone Problems

BillMarSeptember 10, 2013

Our Soapstone countertops were installed less than a year ago. When installed the counters looked like granite � highly polished, which was not what we had been expecting but though we could live with. Now less than one year later, the gloss finish appears to have worn off, we are getting serious stains / water marks. I have tried both wax and oil but these wear off quickly and do not remove the water marks / stains. Based on what I have read, I suspect the fabricator improperly finished the soapstone and it needs to be re-honed. Greatly appreciate any thoughts / suggestions?

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Yes, it needs to be re-honed with a lower grit. Polished soapstone is nothing but trouble.

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I agree with LWO. I have soapstone in my bathroom that I installed and the grit is around 80 if I remember correctly, it might be 120. I love the rough texture. The ss in my kitchen I did several years ago and it is higher polished, maybe in the 200's. It looks ok, but I am about ready to get the sand paper out. But I'm not recommending you to do this. I feel very confident because I did all the work of final edge finishing, gluing pieces together, and knocking down too highly polished stone that I bought on line from Dorado soapstone. Very happy with ss but I like it more rustic, kind of like a 120 grit sand paper sheet.

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