Could you please tell me the pros and cons of....

boone_2009September 23, 2013
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To me, it looks new. One of the distinctive things about old subway is that it has zero bevel. eg, like Subway Ceramics

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Good point, mtnrdredux.

Do you think it might be good for a transitional-style kitchen, though?

Also, do the bevels make it more of a stain-catcher?

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Here is somewhat of a con ... when you install your switch plates on top of your tile, there will be gaps where the bevels are.

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I love the look of beveled subway tile...looks 'chunky' and dimensional. I almost chose it for my guest bath but opted for the flat, only for the ease of cleaning. But I say, if you love it, a little extra elbow grease won't bother you :)

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I have beveled subway in my kitchen and love it. I don't think it's different than flat tile to take care of.

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I think that the dimensionality adds interest and more texture than regular subway tile, and I too think that it makes an area look "updated" yet classic.

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jellytoast: I did read about that; is there any way at all to eliminate that gap? I can't change the location of the outlets now.

Nan57 and ilene-84: I like the beveled look more and more as I keep comparing it to my flat sample, so it's nice to hear from both of you that you love this tile!

firsthouse_mp: My thoughts, exactly!

Do white beveled tiles differ a great deal in both the nature of the gloss and the beveling, in different stores? I've noticed in pictures online, that some tiles look more 'classy' than others, if that makes any sense :-).

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