Appliance lifts for stand mixer-yay or nay?

heidiaSeptember 20, 2013

I am getting a Kitchenaid 620. It is 16.5 high-it will *just* fit under the cabs. Was thinking of either storing it in the corner on countertop, or I can store it on one of those appliance lifts that hide behind a cab. Like this:

But I am wondering from those that use their mixer alot, which is the most practical? I will use it a lot-atleast 3x a week, if not more. And I do not plan on moving it-so if it is on the stand, I would like to use it on the stand. If on counter, I will just slide it forward.


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I thought of that cabinet as well and decided against. The more I looked at it the more I was trying to figure out if it was practical as far as using it directly on that lift. Between flour spraying out and just the idea of cleaning under it made it a deal breaker for me as well as not wanting to waste such a big cabinet on 1 item.

If you use your Kitchenaid that much, I think I would leave it on the counter. Many people do and I think it looks fine.

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We also opted not to get one. I couldn't figure out how that would be the better option. Stability, use of space, lack of counter around it all contributed to our decision to just keep it on our counter (or store it in the walk-in pantry).

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Nay. I've always found them awkward to use personally. In my current remodel, I took mine out and am replacing it with a pull out trash/recycling bin since it was close to the sink. I plan to leave mine on the counter.

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I had heard - not sure where - that the mixer stands were not made to actually work on. I know it's made to handle 60lbs, but if you're doing heavy duty mixing that often, I would opt for leaving it on the counter.

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I thought the lifts were cool the first time I saw one. Then I paid attention the next time I used my mixer, and I really want some counter directly around them as well. Plus I can't be the only one who makes a floury mess all around the base, so you have to pick it up anyway. Instead of just scooting it over 3 inches to wipe up flour, that is.

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Too bad we can't bring back the 50's "mixer covers" haha. That would solve a lot of issues of just leaving it on the counter. Of course, we would need some super funky fabric - maybe to match the granite or the backsplash so it would disappear into the background - or maybe we should just "love the rooster". BTW - I really am only joking here, but in a weird way it sort of makes sense. I need wine.

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Thank you, everyone. That is what I was concerned about-the flower mess on floor and in cab...think I will go with counter. :)

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I am getting a cabinet lift for my Kitchen Aid mixer; however, I plan on putting it on the island when I use it. The cabinet is located in the middle of the cabinet between the freezer drawers and the drawer microwave.


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The lift is for getting it up high enough so you don't break something lifting it onto the counter. They wobble horribly if you try to use the mixer on the lift.

Mine lives on the counter ... if you have one, flaunt it!

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It seems that all appliance lifts are not created equal. Note that the load capacity on several brands is only 20 lbs. My KA mixer weighs more than that! The Rev-a-Shelf Heavy Duty capacity is 60 lbs. I've read several positive reviews on this forum from those that have that brand.

As for the mixer, in the appliance forum there's been chat of the Kitchenaid 600s burning up on bread kneading chores....I don't make bread yet, but I'd like to someday...apparently they don't make Kitchenaid Stand Mixers like they used to.

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