Anyone have windows flanking their range?

new_morningSeptember 21, 2013

I'm fighting to get more natural light in my kitchen. It's not a necessity, and windows will knock out two upper cabs, but it's soooooo pretty, I can't stop looking at it!

Traditional Kitchen by Lake Oswego Interior Designers & Decorators Jenny Baines, Jennifer Baines Interiors

It's either this, or double cabs (maybe with glass), flanking my rangetop. Is this just an aesthetic vs. function decision, or is there something I'm missing - I can't find many pictures of this, so maybe there's a reason why NOT to put these windows in?

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I do and love it!! I too removed upper cabs to add these windows and have never regretted it. I love all the natural light coming in throughout the day!! Good luck with your space!

Here is a link that might be useful: My kitchen

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Oh wow! SO lovely! It's gonna take me awhile to peruse your gorgeous kitchen... I love ALL your windows, so nice.

For me, it's either two narrow windows, plus a small-ish 36" window above sink (and lost cabinets), or one larger 60" window above sink, and 6 upper cabs instead of 4. Such a hard choice!

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I hope she doesn't mind, but here's a shot of "breezygirl's" kitchen.
One of my all time GW favorites.

And a link to her reveal.

Here is a link that might be useful: Breezygirl's Kitchen

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I like my windows flanking the cook top. It lets in light, I can see what my kids are doing in the driveway and I can see the horses and deer in the pasture. I actually wish they were wider.

PS--those are some beautiful kitchens...oakat....LOVE all the windows you have!

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Kristen Hallock

We just remodeled our kitchen and added windows on either side of a range. I love it!.

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If you have space to do it, go for it. We're planning this for our next kitchen to help bring in more light, too.

Here is a link that might be useful: Pictures of windows on either side of stoves on Houzz

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I found this on Houzz. Loved it and you keep the cabinets.

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Very nice--handsome and particularly valuable for those who like to cook in their nighties while people go by outside. :)

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I love the look, too.

If storage is an issue, you could put glass front cabs OVER the windows like in the pic linked. I've seen it done a few times. It would definitely be for the pretty things!

Here is a link that might be useful: Windows behind cabs

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I won't have windows but rather 30" wide openings on either side of my stove (stove on inside wall)... Shanghaimom's kitchen was my inspiration for that....

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Alex- Good idea! Those windows (first picture) would look great as glass uppers.

Deedles- Nice picture! Your kitchen is going to be so pretty.

New morning- Thanks for the great inspiration picture! Very nice :)

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Man, I am just ooh'ing and aah'ing over these pictures. So many great ideas and variations - love it! Thanks (laughable) for posting that Houzz link, I did a search too but didn't find those - must have not put in the correct key words!

willtv (breezygirl), bowyer, khallock, & deedles - thanks so much for taking time to post your kitchens. I'm paying attention to the framing of the windows too. These are all so lovely.

I am a little worried about not having the upper cabs, I must admit. my very practical DH thinks I should just go with the cabs. Alex, unfortunately I don't have enough pretty things to put in the glass-see-throughs (mine will have a messy assortment of spices and cooking prep materials) but I might just deal with the upkeep of glass fronts 'to simulate windows' if I have to.

etera - now, that's a new one, haven't seen that before. I like how it brings in the light.

for our kitchen, i think we would only go through the extra trouble/cost of reconstructing new windows IF it allows us better view of the kids in the pool. And the natural light is a bonus.

i have 2 plans, maybe i will post them later and see what you all think. thanks for your input and collaboration!

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Oh, and Rosie! Hi, and good to hear from you again. Great tips on the deep windows and various advantages of the sills - will definitely keep that in mind. We have a thick limestone on the outer exterior wall, so I think we'd be able to push it forward a bit. We were planning to do something like that for the window above the sink...

I'm not sure what you mean by 'double hungs'?

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Still a work in progress, no back splash yet.

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I'd go with the windows.....very happy with the decision so far as the light from two sides is so much better....but we have not moved in yet and I am not sure how we will fit the dishes into the cabinets/drawers.

We used JELD-WEN Tilt-Turn windows and they open like a casement towards the inside as well as tilt in, so they are very functional and won't get rained on. The double hung windows required us to hop on the counter to unlock and open.

Check out annsch on Gardenweb too...she has a similar kitchen.

Still under construction, but will post a finished kitchen sometime.

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I don't have windows that flank my range, but there are so many of my inspiration photos that do! I really tried to make that configuration work for me, but it didn't work with my existing wall. I think the photos that are shown are so beautiful! I am not a huge fan of uppers so I wouldn't be missing much without the uppers that flank a hood. I much prefer light!!

One thing you can do to have both is to put in windows behind the cabinets--essentially see through cabs. It's a beautiful look and I've seen it done so that it really shows off the dishes inside and let's in a bunch of light.

Let me see if I can find a few pics of that....

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Here's a picture of one I got by looking up "see through cabinets" on Pinterest.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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We have windows flanking our range and love it. They are awning style windows so we get a little extra ventilation. My architect originally wanted us to switch the location of range with sink and have windows behind the range, but I just couldn't pull that trigger. He also suggested what firsthouse suggests - see through cabinets - if we needed more cabinet space, but we found we had enough storage with the island.

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I too have windows beside my range. Love the look. Kitchen (and house) isn't finished yet, so no pics, sorry.
I do want to share what I learned from the building inspector about windows on either side of a range. The windows are double hung, which caused a problem with the range hood vent. The exterior vent outlet had to be three feet from the closest corner of a window if it is operable. Because I had to raise the exterior vent, this caused a problem with the venting size (rectangle vs 8" round) and I could not get the range hood I wanted. This compromised the range we're getting.

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THANKS everyone for posting such amazing pics. Truly, all of these are magazine-worthy kitchens.

I like the open-ness under the ranges - not more counterspace per se, but it 'feels' as if you can stretch out your arms more in all that space.

Too... much... temptation...

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