Four Drawer Stack under Cooktop

jerzeegirlSeptember 16, 2012

At the last minute I changed my design and just needed some feedback. I was originally planning three 30" three-drawer stacks with the cooktop in the middle stack. I have changed the stack under the cooktop to four drawers.

The Bosch induction cooktop we are getting is over 4" high and so the top drawer will be unusable no matter which cabinet I choose.

I am a little worried to not have some shallow drawers for little utensils, spices, placemats and napkins, saran wrap, baggies, potholders, trivets, etc If they go into a deep drawer, I think they will get all jumbled up and the drawer will be a mess. This is why I thought a four-drawer stack would be perfect!

Do any of you see any drawbacks to using a four drawer stack under the cooktop. The only drawback to me is visual - three, four, three. But form follows function and I guess I would rather have a functional kitchen above all! Please let me know what you all think. Thanks!

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Where are you planning on storing your pots and your pans?

For me, pots and pands are going under the cooktop so that they are right under where I use them. And the spices, napkins, wrappings, etc. are going into a smaller 4-drawer stack immediately beside the cooktop.

Would it look better in your plan to have a 4 then a 3 and a 3?

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I grew up with a shallow drawer right under the cooktop and it was very convenient. The usable drawer was right under the cooktop. You may be able to have a usable top drawer with the 4" deep induction, 2-2/2 of which will extend below the countertop thickness, if it cut down and tray like on the inside.

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I have 2 pull outs behind double doors under the cooktop. Frying pans and the wok are in the top pullout. Lids are underneath. Then there is a bottom drawer for pot holders and trivets. Oils, soy sauce etc are in the upper on the right. Some of my everyday seasonings and our various teas are in the upper cabinet on the left. Pots, small baking pans are in the bottom cab drawers on either side. Cookie trays and large baking pans are in slots above the wall ovens. Cooking utensils are in the 2 top drawers on either side. Hope this helps.

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I was actually planning to store pots and pans in the three drawer stack to the left of the cooktop To the left of that is the oven stack (with tray storage above the oven) and so I think it will pretty convenient. I can see myself standing in front of the range and opening the drawer to the left to get out another pot.

Since I have to buy a new set of cookware (because of induction), I won't have more than seven pots and pans (there's a cute set at Costco that I think I will get) and I think they will all fit in the two 30" drawers to the left.

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As you said, form follows function. As andreaK, we use the deep drawers under the cooktop for our pots and pans. We have two very deep drawers underneath, and 4 narrower drawers to the right of the cooktop. The top drawer to the right is where we keep our cooking utensils, with potholders, etc under that. This way, anyone needing those items can access them without making the person at the stove move out of the way.

Another consideration- How many cooks in your family? DH and I both cook, and often at the same time (or one's chopping/prepping while one does the stove,etc.) I think having the smaller drawers underneath the cooktop where someone else may need to access something while you're cooking could be a pain. I know it would be in our house. With just pots under the cooktop, it's not as likely anyone else would need access while someone's at the stove.

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My DH is the cook in the family. I mostly just get in the way. I guess I thought it would be great to have the spices in the second drawer under the cooktop, the cooking utensils in the third drawer (can't wait to get the utensil pot off the countertop), and maybe the most used pans in the bottom drawer since I believe that will be a bigger drawer.

I love your set up, sixtyohno. That's a very good idea.

I guess I can wait until the cabinets come in to decide since the cooktop will be installable in either cabinet.

I will also have two 24" wide 30" deep pantries on the opposite wall flanking the refrigerator so there should be space for overflow in case the big drawers are not sufficient.

I have been thinking about this kitchen for too long and nothing makes sense anymore. Which is why it's great to get all your feedback!

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I have 3 drawers under my Bosch induction. The top shallow drawer is for cooking utensils and the bottom two drawers are for pots and pans. Remember to have dividers in the lower drawers which go up and down and then front to back or sideways-prevents pots nesting. You turn pots on their sides. super handy. Srry, no pics.

I do have a 4 drawer stack, 36 "wide. Top drawer has two full sets of utensils, knives, stuff. Second drawer has an in-drawer knife block, and lots of plastic bins and dividers for scotch tape, clips, rubber bands, openers, address book, etc. Third drawer is for foil, wraps baggies, etc. Bottom drawer has tupperware and mixing bowls. These 4 drawers hold almost 50 years worth of little kitchen stuff.

I also have a countertop utensil holder for a set of 6 scissors, letter openers, pens, which I find useful several times a day.

I have frot to back dividers in all my drawers for bakeware, casseroles, etc.
Two 15 inch wide pantry pullouts so there is no black-hole pantry.
The cabinet maker used top notch hardware.

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I am amazed that you can get things into the top drawer but I guess I forgot to account for the depth of the countertop. If I can get some use out of that drawer it will be a bonus.

Do you like your Bosch induction? We decided to go with Bosch because they are doing a really great rebate program and the retailer is giving 10% off for their Labor Day sale. We are getting the Bosch induction cooktop, dishwasher, oven, microwave, and French door refrigerator. The prices were great. The only thing that makes me a little queasy is that the refrigerator has gotten some rough reviews. People complaining about the icemaker.

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These are not great pictures of my kitchen things look a little out of proportion but I love my drawers under the cooktop. On the last picture you can see that our carpenter made an indentation by cutting out the back of the drawer and making a huge notched out place to accommodate our exterior mount exhaust fan. Would that work for you? He notched out all of the drawers in the back because I wanted a fan that retracts up and down just behind the cooktop instead of an overhead affair. Maybe they could do that for you?

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Gr8Day, Thanks for that picture. That's EXACTLY what I had in mind. I really love the way that looks. I already have a vent that goes to the roof so I think I will just use a regular hood. I hope I get an answer on the soffit flue question, but if I can't do a pro hood I will do a chimney style hood - I have to do something there because I didn't order a cabinet for that space!

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Jerzeegirl - check the specs carefully - we thought we could put a drawer in but turns out nothing combustible within 6 inches of the counter top... So my drawer is now a tip out and the drawers to the left and right have the utensils - although in my one big drawer, I have some big utensils that just don't fit anywhere - pictures soon!

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I'm still waiting for my countertops so haven't had a chance to actually use my kitchen yet but we have a Bosch induction cooktop. We have three drawers under: the two lowest are pots/pans and lids and the upper is where the cooktop will dip into. The back of that top drawer will be cut down to accomodate the cooktop and we are planning on putting our knives in there since they can lay flat. Spices are going in the top drawer to the right of the cooktop. I didn't want them anywhere I thought might get warm from the cooktop.
I would just think about everything that is going in the drawers under your cooktop. Are there items that someone will want but will have difficulty getting to if someone else is at the stove cooking?

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