Switch Refrigerator and Oven location?

chetsmomSeptember 21, 2012

In our current kitchen plans the oven/MW, stove, and pantry are located together on a separate wall. I'm wondering if we will find the location of the refrigerator inconvenient. Should we move it to where the oven/MW is? Or am I just over-thinking this?

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We will have a similar run of pantry, frig & wall ovens. In comparison we ARE switching your oven and frig together. Even if you are a more frequent user of the MW, it pales in comparison to how many times a person puts things in or out of the frig.

I'm going to watch the responses in case we missed anything.

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Your island is a bit of a "barrier island" for the current location of the refrigerator. If you switch the oven & refrigerator, it will be less of a barrier b/w your Prep Zone (the counter b/w the cooktop and sink) and refrigerator.

A couple of other comments: Consider a 90-degree corner rather than a diagonal cabinet. Right now, you don't have much floor space/counter frontage to the right of the sink for prepping. If you make it a 90-degree corner, you gain 12" of floor space. For most people, the deep corner created by a diagonal front cabinet is not very useful except for a TV or maybe a mixer - i.e., storing things there that you don't need to access/pull out that often. I would much rather have the additional counter frontage! Consider many more drawers instead of all those standard cabinets! Most of us here find drawers far more functional than standard base cabinets - even if you have roll out tray shelves in those cabinets.

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