Cool cabinet 'insides' ideas...

brosamjSeptember 19, 2007

Sorry for the clunky title. We will be getting our cabinets made in a couple of weeks and I was curious as to what some of you did with ingenious ideas of storing things in your cabinets. A couple of things that we will be doing:

Inside one of the cabinets is a garbage can and recycling can as rollout/pullout when you open the cabinet.

Fruit and vegetable wicker baskets on rollers in a cabinet (without the cabinet doors).

Any other ideas on how to use cabinet space for storing different household items? Thanks.

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Put a couple of outlets inside a cabinet so you can tuck away charging cellphones, bluetooth headsets, iPods, etc. I'm so glad I did. It gets that whole mess out of sight.

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The best solution for me was the pull-out pantry. We also have a recycling pull-out. And I love my spice drawer!

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oooh, thats a very handy spice drawer, Beatrix. Is that under an induction cooktop? We have just installed an induction but have false drawer fronts under it. Maybe I need to check the clearances on mine and see if I could squeeze this in.

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I don't like the exposed wicker baskets. They just look like they'll get gunky, and be hard to clean.

I used tray dividers in the deep cabinet over the fridge--I bought two sets and spaced them more closely than most people seem to. Nothing leans.

I have a two-can trash pullout under the sink (on the far side from the dishwasher)

And I put a chrome shelf and basket combo under the sink.

I wish I'd done a pantry pullout like beatrix's.

Beyond that I didn't do much, bcs the organzing gadget itself takes up some room, and I don't have much to spare.

I have few drawers, so my spices sit on an upper shelf in this perfectly sized plastic box (though I threw the base away, and I just set it on the shelf. That way I can just take it off the shelf completely, which is easier. I write the spice names on the side of the lids, so I can see them.

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Yes it is an induction cooktop. I got the spice drawer and 2 deep drawers for pots underneath. For most spice inserts you need at least 3" drawer height (measured inside the drawer!), better 3 1/2".

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Custom Dividers for cutlery, sharps, flipper, etc. I have 4 organized drawers.

Deep base drawers for pots & pan, serving dishes, salad spinner, etc.

Waist-height drawer for tupperware -- so much easier than in a base cabinet or upper cabinet.

I have power in a drawer for cell phones, similar idea to above. I have 4 of these -- one for each family member so that's where their junk goes when cleaning up. (Got that idea from a friend.)

Pull-out shelf for toaster oven & coffee grinder. (Can grind behind closed door ahh, quiet. Outlet in back.

Hidden niche for phone jack, power, internet. I have mine behind a false cabinet back, but others have put it just below the counter in a base cabinet. Use a grommet.

I have a unique "McDonalds" flapper trash cabinet, with the trash can on wheels (rolls right out).

Shallow pantry drawers for cans (on their backs so you can read the labels), plus deep ones for cereal, etc.

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These guys have been on the cutting edge for decades. Check under : Our Kitchens - Functionalties - MultiMatic & Drawers. Also browse the reg. sections for more magic corners pullouts wooden inserts ect... This seems to be the outfit many in the industry copy.

Here is a link that might be useful: SieMatic

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Here are ours....Alno is the brand...

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Anyone seen the computerized drawer system? Cpu can handle 15 drawers, touch them and they open, motorized. Open up a bank of drawers while looking for something, all will close when you touch one. Inside pull outs possible, big drawer front opens, then one by one each pull out comes out.

Very cool

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--Tray divider in cab next to the range
--Gas shut-off located in the "dead space" in the "L" corner so we didn't have to give up any cab space for it (access panel is located in the side wall of the tray cab)
--Wood spice drawer insert
--Wood cutlery tray
--Wood kitchen tool insert (waiting on that one)
--Pullouts in pantries, under the sink, cab next to stove (for pots/pans), two in the mixer cab
--Outlet for micro in the cab above
--Outlet for cordless mixer and kick heater switches inside a 6" deep cab in the island
--6" deep space (cab) behind the bank of drawers in the island; used for a slim step stool and a dustpan and brush
--Trash can cabinet with foot pedal!
--Pullout in the pantry at the right height to store and also then scoop from the cat food containers without having to bend down or lift the containers out (with enough room for cat food bowls and extra food measuring cups)
--Sheet metal (that can take magnets) lining the inside of the middle two doors on one of the two pantries, no more sticky (post-it) notes on the fridge and cab doors!
--Lots of clear plastic organizer boxes/trays to keep the "junk" drawer, gadget drawer, twist-ties, etc. organized
--And let's not forget the ever-popular, ever-lauded: Never-MT and Cushy Cupboards!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Cat Mom - Could I ask you to please post a pic of the sheet metal inside your doors on your pantry? I love that idea but would like to see how you "finished" it. Did you drill holes in the sheet metal and screw to the doors? Thanks for your help.

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oofasis--here are some pics for you:

The edges were smoothed or polished so they aren't sharp. Our cab installer used some very strong glue/adhesive to attach the sheets to the doors (they aren't going anywhere!). The sheet of metal on the right door is a little shorter so we could put a small screw in the door to hang a calendar (I took the calendar down so you could see the metal sheet). You can just barely make out the tiny screw near the top of the door if you look closely.

N.B.--the shelves and pullout were stepped back slightly to allow for magnet/paper/calendar clearance.

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Most excellent idea, cat mom! My DH has asked for very little in planning our remodel, but he did express his disappointment that we won't have a place with magnets to stick his little reminders and other things. This could work out nicely on the back of our pantry door. Thanks so much.

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Glad you like it oofasis! Originally there was supposed to be cork lining one door and the metal the other door, but lucky for us, the cork was very thick, and I certainly didn't want them to cut back our shelves even more for clearance (plus they would have framed it out with a fairly thick cherry frame, which, while beautiful, would have taken up even more room). I'm happier using magnets or post it notes rather than using push pins anyway.

I still find I need to post the rare note right on a very visible cabinet door as a reminder (especially for DH, who would never think to check the calendar for things like doctor's appts, or his mom's birthday!), but luckily that's not too often.

Just make sure the metal sheet(s) you want to use can be used with magnets. I think they originally sent some very nice pieces of SS to our KD to use in our cabs, and they were not magnet attracting metal!

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my personal favs are a dedicated coffee/tea drawer, a dedicated bread drawer, and a dedicated self-serve "snack" drawer for the kids. As you can see, I am all about drawers - deep drawers, wide drawers!!! I let my cabinet guy talk me into one base cab with roll-outs (2) behind doors, and I wish every day that those were drawers, too. If I had to have cabs with rollouts, I wish I had done this:

and another idea I always liked (from a fellow GWer but I can't recall who, so maybe they will speak up as well). Excellent use of above fridge space:
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I have a command hook inside the cab door next to the oven with my pot holders hanging on it, and a couple more inside the pantry doors for the measuring spoons/ not cool enough??? LOL!

So many seriously cool ideas to make a kitchen so much more functional & organized, this is a great thread.

I'm loving the undersink drawer idea....and that tray divider talley...sue posted will soon be making an appearance @ my house, yay! Needed something sturdy, and it seems perfect.

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Ok, I give up. What is a command hook?

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Only the fanciest after market kitchen add on ever!

Here is a link that might be useful: ok so not really

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Four of the rev-a-shelf tray dividers talley_sue_nyc posted were just delivered! YAY!

I'm really really nervous about screwing into the cabinets though, not because the cabinets are too nice to ruin, but just because it's irreversible. DBF is going to help me in a little bit. Yikes.

I'm hoping to use them for storing the pot lids vertically, and also my glass bake-ware sideways rather than piled. I'm thinking I might have to order a few more, we'll see.

I'll post pics when I'm done,


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I LOVE command hooks. I had them on the insides of my old cabinets and hung bulky Kitchenaid utensils from them. I also keep a clippy type one on the inside of a cabinet to hold school papers and whatnots. But cat mom's magnetic sheets are a cool idea, too.

I would say my favorite in cabinet storage item would be the appliance lift for a mixer and I'd get one in a heartbeat but can't. Didn't think about it before hand and the only full height cabinets I have are angled ones on my island. I don't think they will work on an angled cabinet.

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Antss...I called SieMatic about one of their accessories but they won't sell them "separately"--you have to be ordering (or have ordered) cabinets from them. I really wanted that Cutlery Carryall!

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Can you post a link to the Cutlery Carryall? I know you can order pieces from Bulthaup and Poggenpohl if I remember correctly. They all use the same insides from the same manufacturers. Maybe I can help? I have been looking at cabinets for my new kitchen till I am blue in the face:-)


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Doubtful, homepro. Poggenpohl, at least, will only sell you the components if and only if you buy the cabinetry from them. If not, no dice. That said, even they told me that the insides (hinges, drawerboxes, many of the inserts) are blum pieces. Many I'm sure are their own but many are blum - certainly the plate and bowl carries, the cutlery dividers and drawer dividers are.

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I purchased the spice insert from Bulthaup for a friend and I don't have Bulthaup cabinets. I am pretty sure the Poggenpohl store in my area told me they would sell their parts. I agree that many of them are Blum. There are a couple of other companies that you could try and see if they are willing to sell the pieces if you can't find the OEM.

Good luck!

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homepro and mindstorm, As a rule the Euro manuf. will not sell you accessories if you just walk off the street and ask. 1st , part of what they sell is a look and/or system. There is a lot of time and $$$ invested in creating the look and the products. It's part of what makes you what that widget in the first place. If they just sold everyone the cool dodads, they would quickly erode their brand and have no money to dream up the next cool dodad for you to drool over. 2nd, it's a royal pain in the %^*$)( to order a spice tray, or trash can or whatever. The margins for the dealer here on those items are basically nil and the order goes thru 2 countries to be processed. That said dealers can do as they please, so you may find a place that has Bulthaup, or Poliform, or SieMatic that is willing to sell you a single widget or 10 knobs or handles. Corerate owned stores or Studios of which there are a lot will politely tell you to buzz off. (unwritten rule).

In addition, all these cabinets are metric. So the stuff sized for metric drawers is not going to fit most cabinets in the USA's usually narrower and shallower than the equiv. USA size. Also keep in mind that many of these companies have their stuff made on contract only for them. So say for instance BLUM may make the drawer and slides for Poliform and Poggenpohl - but a Poliform drawer knife insert will not fit in a Poggenpohl drawer. This is very common. The accessories made by BLUM will fit their drawers and others too, they are less fitted.

Bulthaup drawers are made by Grass and are pretty standard except for color, Alno's are made by Hettich I believe and are standard, SieMatic's come from Hettich also but are exclusive to them. Poggenpohl and Poliform both have Blum with minor variants.

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It's the 8th picture.

I've searched the web for something similar but none to be found! I don't need it to fit exactly (as long as my drawer is big enough to hold it!) I like the handles on it. It would make it so easy to just pick up and take to the DR when setting the table rather than collect all the flatware your hands or on a plate.

Here is a link that might be useful: This Old House Smart Kitchen Storage Solutions

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