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plumberrySeptember 12, 2012

We are down to two favorite tiles for the floor and they both fall around the same price. the dilemma is: how do we decide between the two. One is grey and the other is sand.

Our house is single story and we are doing high gloss white contemporary slab cabinets and stainless appliances in the kitchen. The tile will be used through the kitchen, dining, hallway and one guest bathroom. Our house has alot of windows kitchen and dining open out to a courtyard in the center of the house. I'm giving you these details in case any of these factors would help narrow it down. Both of the tiles are lovely. I'm just totally and completely stuck. Any help?

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Not without the colors in the rest of the house! Can you supply them?

Without any of the other information, I vote gray. Cleaner with white gloss and stainless.

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You really do need to consider the other house colors since this tile is going in several rooms. But for the kitchen you describe I would go with gray tile. What is the countertop?

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Grey because it's very unlikely that you'll get the white floor and the white cabinets to match, regardless of the colors in the rest of the house. The large expanse of white floor tile may end up looking off color next to the high gloss white cabs. The colors in the rest of the house will relate to whether they match well with the grey tiles.

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thanks so much for your replies. there are no other house colors, yet, because we are redoing the whole interior so the rest of the choices will flow from this choice.
We haven't picked the countertop yet, that also is to follow. ... this is why i felt so stuck... any suggestions for countertop would love to hear? i've included the link to the tile.

Here is a link that might be useful: grey tile

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is the sand color in the white family? I'd probably not choose the gray,but the sand has to be like a camel shade or a bit darker in intensity[not white]. It's like the kitchen is a little black dress with the stainless and white-now you want that accesory to warm it up-give it a little life beyond the basic profile you've chosen[also-what counters do you have picked out?]. The fact tht you want to lay it in several areas-I wouldn't care for that much gray tile-the right beige or camel or sand would be good.[We have some gray tile in a section of our home from previous owner-it's not particularly pleasant***read between those words***].

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You really do have to decide what you want for the rest of the house. I see that this color will not include the living room?
Maybe you do need to go one step further and think about the counter and backsplash. I would hate to see you pick one only to find you don't like the direction it will take you in.
I am a beige person, so of course I would pick sand. I also went through the mauve/grey period, anything grey as a permanent choice would not work for me. Accessories yes, floor, backsplash and counter no.

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What color is the dirt in your region?

What color is your dog?

What color is your cat?

Pick whichever tile will hide those colors the best :)

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LOL Engineer :)

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If that is the Marazzi tile (and I think it is) I thought about it also and was able to see quite a bit of it laid in the local store here in OC. It was awesome and would look stellar with the contemporary kitchen you have planned. I think something in the color sand would really change the look it sounds like you are going for, personally. It is generally much warmer and it sounds like you are going for a cooler, sleeker, more contemporary look. With the gray you will also have tons of countertop options, including black, which would look amazing.

What should we make of the fact you only posted a link to the grey tile? That you are leaning that direction? :)

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thanks all for the great advice. i have included beige tile attached here to show i'm not really leaning anywhere yet. ellendi, you're right i think i really have to figure that out and tend to lean toward beige only because that is what i know already plus it seems more flexible for adding other colors. but what do i know?
beeps. i wonder what showroom you are referring to (is that OC -orange county). I live in socal close enough to OC and would love to see it.

Here is a link that might be useful: beige tile

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After looking at the beige tile I still vote grey - but I love grey and am doing that in my new build - so I'm totally biased. I see grey as a neutral that goes with lots of things. I'm afraid the beige will make the kitchen seem washed out.

As for the tile - I saw it at the Anaheim Marazzi store - 1340 S. State College, on stone row in Anaheim. I'd call to make sure it is still down, they were changing displays while I was there and tile stores change things around constantly. I had some pics of it on my cell but have deleted them. Sorry...

If you go to see the tile go by the Bedrosians slab yard at 2176 N Pacific in Orange a mile or two away and you can see tons of granite and marble and start getting ideas as to what you like. (They aren't open Sun as I recall.) There are also other slab yards on S State College. And there is a Bedrosians tile store on S State College but that isn't the slab yard. Take a cabinet door and a piece of tile and look around. I'm sure you'll start to get an idea of what you like in granite and that may help decide the tile issue for you also.

Good luck! I'm kind of disappointed all my decisions have been made. There is so much pretty stuff out there!

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