granite from home depot

laurenjaySeptember 16, 2012

I am looking for feedback from anyone who has experience with getting granite counter tops from home depot. How does their price compare with buying a slab and having a fabricator do it?

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I can only say this. My neighbor ordered hers from HD and she thinks she did not get what she picked out. I wasn't involved in kitchens at the time and did not ask her the particulars.
I would make sure that you can pick your slab and it is marked for you. You should also be able to decide where it is templated. For example we (I did not go to HD) were allowed to pick the portion of the slab we wanted to use.)
My neighbor felt the pattern she originally picked was much bigger than what she got.
The price will proabably be cheaper. That is why my neighbor went there. Her kitchen is high end yet she decided to cut costs on the granite.
You will be living with this granite for a long time. So, you want to pick your slab and decided how it will be templated. And, you want to make sure you get the slab you picked. We actually visited ours (it was marked with a sharpee with our name ) to make sure it was still there before templating.
My cousin had a bad experience with HD with tiles for her kitchen. They did not do a professional job.
I think with HD everything depends on who you happen to get to do your job.
I am sure there are many people on here who will have had a great experience. I just do not think they are consistent.

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It may depend on where you live or which particular store you go to, but here's our experience.
When we were looking for countertops, 2 years ago, we first saw the granite we wanted at HD.
They quoted us a price of $92 Sq.Ft.
We then shopped the same granite at other fabricators.
It turned out that HD was the most expensive quote we got.
And just by a little, by almost 50%.
We ended up spending $64 Sq.Ft. incuding the sink & soap dispenser cut outs and the ogee edge.

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Home Depot is very expensive for granite around here. Much cheaper to go to a granite place and have a fabricator do it.

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Laurenjay, I'm not trying to hijack your thread..just wanted to ask you as well as the people who responded if you feel the same regarding Lowes granite. Thanks! :-)
And if I *am* hijacking your thread, please accept my apologies and please disregard my post.

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My brother and his wife just had their granite from HD installed last week. We live in WV along the Ohio River, they sent fabricators from somewhere in PA, which is at least 3or 4 hours away. I do not think they got to pick their slab, but they picked a uniform kind of granite. There was one seam and there's no way I could have found it on my own. Not only did it blend well, you could barely even feel it! they only paid $52/sq ft. don't know the name of the granite, but it kind of reminded me of baltic brown, but maybe more uniform. They are totally pleased with it, but they would've been ok with laminate. They decided to go with granite because there wasn't a lot of difference in price.

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In our area, HD has finally caved and lowered their granite prices a bit (not every day, but they have a couple of big sales each month), while Lowes is still sky high every day. Both are still far more expensive than going directly to a fabricator or yard.

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In our area (So Cal) both Home Depot and Lowes are very expensive for granite and have limited choices.

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Here in NY my neighbor just put in a new kitchen and then a guest apartment in her barn. For the kitchen in the house she went to yard and picked the slab of uba tuba. It is gorgeous and sparkling. For the barn she went to HD and didn't get to choose the uba tuba slab or the fabricator. The slab is no where as nice as the one in her kitchen. The seams are awful and the 4 inch backsplash is crooked.

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Thank you everyone who posted as I almost bought my kitchen from Home Depot last year including the granite and now I am glad I did not.

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Home Depot will definitely be much more expensive than most. Here home depot carries Dupont certified 2 cm granite. I am getting the same granite at 3 cm from a good fabricator for $30 installed with ogee edge. A friend chose Home Depot and paid $45 for the thinner granite same color and another $10 a linear foot for the ogee edge.

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Home Depot will definitely be much more expensive than most. Here home depot carries Dupont certified 2 cm granite. I am getting the same granite at 3 cm from a good fabricator for $30 installed with ogee edge. A friend chose Home Depot and paid $45 for the thinner granite same color and another $10 a linear foot for the ogee edge.

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I didn't do granite on my countertops (couldn't afford it when I did it years ago), but I can address Home Depot's customer service:

To put it bluntly, they suck.

I had an awful time getting them just to take my order -- should've been a hint to me, but I was younger and not particularly wise in the ways of home renovations.
Then I thought I'd never get them to come out and do the install.
They did the countertops, but it was WEEKS before I could get them back out to do the backsplash . . . and when they finally deigned to come out, they discovered that they could not install the backsplash on my walls. THEIR MAN came out to measure, yet he couldn't figure this out 'til weeks and weeks later, and not until after he'd pulled down my existing backsplash.
Then they were not pleasant about refunding my money.

I have not set foot in the Orange Box since then, and I never miss an opportunity to share my negative story.

Oh, and my backsplash? I went to a small local tile store, and they set up with a great backsplash within a week. Since then, they have done several other jobs for me (they also do hardwood and carpet), and I have nothing but good things to say about them.

To give the devil his due, I must admit that the Home Depot countertop is still holding up well after a decade. But I'd never use them again.

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We had a good experience with HD. We are in NY. I priced granite at three different granite yards. HD was the cheapest. We got it when they were having a sale. HD insisted we went to the granite yard to pick out our slab. The yard where I picked the slab was also the fabricator and installer. They did a great job. Our son also got his granite from HD. He lives in NY, but a different city. He also picked out his slab and was very happy with the installer and the entire experience. We have had our granite for 18 months.

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Debbi Branka

When we were pricing granite, Home Depot was the most expensive. More than Lowe's, more than the Great Indoors (which has since closed), and more than the stone yard. We went with a stone yard.

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I recently had kitchen counter tops done by Home Depot (in northern Colorado), and bathroom vanity tops done by a local custom installer. Cost between the two was similar, but I had a much better experience with the local installer.

There were a number of issues with the Home Depot installation, the most visible of which was that they joined two pieces of granite for which the color did not match.

Here is a link that might be useful: Home Depot Granite

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We just got back from choosing granite for our new house. We're getting it from a local, major stoneyard. Their prices are cheaper than both HD and Lowes for granite. The big box stores also charge more for solid surface (compared to the price we are paying for this granite)...Incidentally, we decided on tropical brown instead of the blue pearl that we had *almost* decided on. It should work well in the house and will save $600 over the blue pearl! Yipee!

In terms of quality - this stoneyard (Priceless Granite, in Western Wash) has a great reputation. They are also local - not a corporate big box where you have no clue who is actually doing the work. And - walking through the stoneyard and seeing the real slabs - kind of fun and more useful than seeing a little square of stone in the store.

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We priced granite from fabricators that buy their own stones, ones that deal with stone yards and big box stores. Lowes was as expensive as most fabricators, HD was cheap but only for lowest price group. The big box said we couldn't pick slab but we could approve them after order. If we didn't approve slabs delivered to the store we'd get refund and would have to bring our business elsewhere... We went with a fabricator that had his own inventory and gave us a great price to buy a left over slab (we only needed a full slab for the kitchen). We were able to get a Grade C stone with nice edging for the price of cheapest HD quote. The other big factor is not knowing who the subcontractor would be. We went with BBB rated family shop and they were fantastic.

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Here, the Home Depot uses one of the local yards, who you can also contract with independently. Since pricing varies wildly amongst fabricators for each stone, I can't really peg HD as most expensive, least, or in the middle. They can be any one of the three depending on the stone. And they do have sales.

Knowing who does their granite here would make me more confident in buying from them. But, for my particular favorites, they did not have the best price for granite. They definitely did (on sale) for quartz.

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