Plates smaller than 11"

ILoveRedSeptember 2, 2013

I am giving my everyday China to my daughter and I am searching for new white everyday dinnerware. I have read all of the threads and love some of the suggestions.

My old plates are 11" and will only fit in the top drawer of my dish drawer dishwasher (too tall for the shorter bottom drawer). I want to find nice dinnerware with dinner plates smaller than 11", so that I can utilize both the top and bottom drawers.

My Correlle fit in both drawers and they are 10 1/4"

Does anyone know which white dishes have the smaller plates?


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The Correlle is special occasion China and you want something cheaper for everyday?

These are less than $9 per piece.

The Correlle luncheon plate is 9 3/16" and is less than $33 for a pack of 6.

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I looked for smaller white dinner plates forever (for portion control, not dishwasher reasons) and found that iittala has a number of white dinner plates that are about 10-1/4 inches. We have the white plates from the Sarjaton line and they are simple and beautiful. And great quality. They are a bit pricey but go on sale a few times a year.

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Ikea has at least one or two sets of dishes where the dinner plate is 10". Hope that helps.

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Fiesta comes in white. They have multiple sizes of plates, and, they are made in USA.

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beachlily z9a

I have "Classic Fjord" by Dansk that has 10.5 plates. Bought it at BB&B and had to order it. Love them! Simple, white and use them for everything.

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Pottery barn has a salad plate that is very large, I use it for dinner. It is smaller than a dinner plate though.

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Thanks for all of the suggestions. I will look at all of them and let you know what I decide. I thought this thread was gone :-)

I should have done a search.

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I will check mine when I get home...they are Ikea 365--so inexpensive and I've had them for 18 chipping. My mom always had white china "because it goes with everything" and I rebelled when I got married and always had patterns...but now I do prefer white because "it goes with everything." Moms do know best!

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Another reason for smaller plates....some of those big ones bump the cabinet door when you shut them. My uppers barely fit my dishes (Crate and Barrel all white dishes). I had glass fronts so I was always worried about the kids somehow slamming them and cracking the glass fronts even though they have soft close hinges.

But I like the portion control reason the best.....

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Red...just got home and measured my Ikea plates...10 1/2. The outer raised rim is 1 3/4 and the flat part just over 7". We bought a few sets of 4 that I think we're around $30 but you can buy open stock as well. At 3.99 a plate if one breaks...oh well. Here is a link

Here is a link that might be useful: Ikea 365 plates

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