Has anyone used Barker Cabinet Doors?

ladyshadowwalkerSeptember 12, 2011

I am refacing my kitchen cabinets in a natural hard maple. I've done a lot of research and the the best price/value seems to be from barker doors. I was wondering if anyone had used them and what your experience was. I'm going to finish them myself and drill for the hinge cups. I'm planning to use a clear finish I want the color of each adjoining piece of wood to be fairly close.

Here's a pic of the new countertop and backsplash. I appreciate any advise on cabinet stain color although I want to stay with light wood and white appliances.

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i was very happy with the pricing and especially the quality from cabinetnow.com. you can select your door styles, type of wood and any other specs from their online site; use the form to specify sizes and you get an instant quote while online ...no emailing. i ordered paint grade maple but when the doors came in they were so clean our painter thought they were stain grade. they were absolutely perfect. really a great company to do business with.

Here is a link that might be useful: cabinet now

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Thank you ! I checked out their website the doors are lovely! they are still quite a bit higher in price then Barker Door but Barker door has very limited styles and no customization.

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Also, check the shipping. I thought Barker Door's shipping costs were high, comparatively.

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Thanks for checking! What do you think of barkers doors? I should qualify for free shipping with either. 20 doors, 4 drawer fronts veneer etc will add up to $1500.00 fast!

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No experience with Barker. I am really surprised that they do not come with a finish! That would concern me; the homeowner cannot really do as good a job with the finish as a cabinet shop can (conversion varnish or catalyzed for a durable finish). For another door source, do check out Scherr's.

Here is a link that might be useful: Scherr's door and RTA cabs

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Angie thanks!
I submitted a quote for a door to get an idea of pricing, i prefer companies that have prices online so I can play with different options and get an idea of what it will cost.
I'm afraid I must totally disagree with you about the finishing. A good urethane (esp Marine Spar Varnish) can provide all the durablilty I could ever want. I am sitting right next to a desk i refinished when i was in high school some thirty t.... err quite a while ago. Its had daily use ever since the finish is still smooth and shiny like a piece of glass ( I was into high gloss then) The desk i'm typing on I finshed 15 - 20 years ago same thing ( semi -gloss finish) Moldings, furniture, doors, even floors all done by me in the last 5 - 35 years still look great. I checked on some wood woorkers forums and many of those guys agreed with me, some say urethane is better then catalysed. I would say a mere mortal home owner CAN finish cabinet doors or whatever as good as a pro if you are willing to take some time to prep and carefully apply the varnish ( less is more when it comes to varnish ) gosh, I hope I don't have to eat my words when the doors come in . I have read many times where something was not a DIY project can't possibly be done by the home owner and look good, including all sorts of dire warnings blah, blah, blah. Well I 'm good thing i didn't know I couldn't do the project before I did it! ( exception is garage door springs - then I listen to the dire warnings) btw no one has ever guessed that I didn't have someone do the work I've done!

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Well, I stand corrected then. I hope your finish comes out great!

I haven't had quite as much success as you. I have tried a number of finishes over the years. Some I am happy with, some not so much. Most are on surfaces that don't see much hard use; on an oak bookshelf I built a few years ago, I experimented with Minwax Woodsheen (which was oil-based at that time, now only water). I am happy with that, but a bookshelf does not get abused. Marine Spar Varnish on the sun-bleached front door has held up okay, but needs a recoat soon. I used water-based polyurethane on a red oak desk about 10 years ago, and I am not so thrilled with this one. There wasn't enough build-up to fill the pores adequately, and the surface is a dirt-magnet. So, I decided to try water-based, semi-gloss polyurethane floor varnish (!) on a recent desk I made out of hard maple. Too soon to tell how this will hold up. I was happier with the build-up on this, but hard to tell how it compared since the maple was so smooth to begin with (unlike oak!).

Personally, I am *pleased* not to have to finish my cabs!! I have enough to do as it is!

Yes, I wish Scherr's provided on-line pricing, too. At least they are very responsive; you should hear back from Leon shortly. Oh, I actually visited Scherr's in ND recently. Very nice folks. Fortunately, they were not directly affected by the flooding in Minot, but many of their workers took a big hit.

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After researching several online door suppliers I decided to use barkerdoor.com. I was a little concerned with purchasing over $800.00 in cabinet doors & drawers over the internet but was very pleased with what I received. the cherry doors I received were sanded & ready to accept a finish. with the doors arriving without a finish on them I was able to choose any color I wanted which was nice. after applying the stain I put a top coat of polyurethane over them and they look great!the baltic plywood drawer boxes were also of great quality & went together with ease and are very sturdy. I would reccomend barkerdoor to anyone looking for a quality product at a great price.

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This message was written by Chad Barker of Barker Door.

I read through the posts in the forum and am very happy to hear about some good DIYers refacing their cabinets. Its an easy process that really adds a lot of value to your home.

I did want to interject a few points real quick though (maybe this will turn into an essay...)

As far as the finish is concerned, we as a company decided to take the route of not offering customizable finish options to our cabinet doors. The reason being that most of our customers are contractors that require a perfect match to the existing cabinets on site. As we all know, cabinet finish tends to darken and change over time with UV and exposure to the environment. Matching the color on site tends to create a better finished product. In addition, by not offering the finish options we are able to severely maximize the speed at which we are able to manufacture and ship your cabinet doors (i.e. a nice finish adds about 1 week to the order). This relates to the limited door styles that are offered on our website as well.

Customizing your door profile combinations is a request that was frequently brought up by our customers. In reaction to the requests we launched a new custom door that is now available in the "wood cabinet doors" section of our website. It allows you to mix and match any profiles we have cutter for as well as maintain the 1 week lead time shown on our website.

As far as shipping rates are concerned, we are constantly renegotiating our shipping rates with our carriers. Within the last two years our shipping rates have dropped dramatically due to the immense volume of cabinet doors we produce and ship. Also, please remember that we are based in Oregon, so when shipping back to the east coast our rates will be a bit higher than the west coast simply due to distance. Recently, I ran some quotes via other online suppliers (i.e. cabientnow.com, rawdoors.net, etc) and our shipping rates are usually 10% to 20% lower the rates quoted on their websites. Keep in mind that the rates quoted by our website are "live" rates that bounce off of of the FedEx Ground server and reflect the actual cost of shipping. Most other cabinet door websites will give you an "estimate" of shipping that can and usually does change at checkout. In addition, we do not require you to submit any personal information (i.e. setup an account on our website) to get shipping/door quotes. If you have not visited our website recently to get a quote, I recommend trying it again to see the discounts we have negotiated at shipping, I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

Ultimately the difference between cabinet door websites are few. Most of the larger cabinet door websites are good companies with great tack records for quality and service. That said, we all have different strengths within the market. I have talked personally with the owner of cabientnow.com and maintain mutual respect for the competition. Cabinet Now is a good company, provides good doors, and is easy to deal with. That said, the industry ultimately comes down to refacing your kitchen and making it look new again. So shop around, give the companies a call, and check everyone's Google rating for fraudulent companies (yes, they are out there as we get calls about them all the time).

-Chad Barker
Barker Door

Here is a link that might be useful: Barker Door Website

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I've just placed my order, w Barker Door a little nervous that I got everything perfect but I'm glad I finally made my mind up and I placed it

WIll let you know when the doors come in!

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We ordered nine doors (for our island) from Barker. They arrived quickly and fit perfectly. We are very happy customers. :)

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We ordered 15 upper doors in paint-grade maple from Barker. They arrived and were very good quality. Finish was very smooth. We were impressed. I shopped around for prices online, and Barker was the lowest I found. The shipping was almost $200 (we live in FL), but it was worth it. It was still inexpensive when you consider the door prices were very reasonable. We are satisfied customers!

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Ok my experience with them has been awful it took all most 1 month to receive please check out return policies you will not be happy
I did not order wood doors I ordered mdf for my small project.
When the door arrived I was excited to install but to find my corners crushed I emailed them several times and no response i called no response.
My assessment bad return policie bad costomer service if you don't believe me call them before you order you will get message that never calls back.
Low grade mdf beware if ordering mdf.I did find lakeside doors Quality are much bettter Same price. hope this helped with hard working people who don't like throwing money away.

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Tommy, don't take this the wrong way, but your post reads like spam. Care to post some photos of the doors from Barker, along with a photo of the invoice, so we can verify that you're legit?

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I placed an order for 5 doors on April 18, 2014. One panel was ordered from Barker Cabinets, 4 doors were ordered from Barker Doors. Total cost of these items was $ 538.

The panel from Barker Cabinets was delivered in 10 business days. The inset on the cabinet panel was made of very thin wood - I can bend this inset back and forth with my index finger.

The doors from Barker Door was delivered in 23 business days from my order date- 5 days later than the 18 business day projection.

Two of the doors were cracked on the outside frame. It appears likely that FedEx mishandled the package. Barker Door ships on a regular basis via FedEx - yet there was no labelling on the package that the items were fragile.

Barker Door replaced these two broken doors. Order for replacement was issued and I received new doors June 10th.

It appears that if you have a "small" ($500) order, you better be prepared to plan a couple months of lead time to receive the product, (and hope the product isn't damaged).

That 18 business day time frame for orders ? - don't take it seriously, unless you've got a more expensive order.

The cabinet doors I have received that weren't broken look like excellent quality - I didn't do any cost comparison between competitors.

The panel seems cheap and not worth the $225 I paid for it.

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