Two Single Ovens & Cooktop Layout Dilemma

jllc7September 28, 2012

First time poster here...

My husband and I purchased our first home about two years ago and finally are getting around to renovating! Our house is a 1930's colonial with a small dark galley kitchen. On one side, there's the main entryway and on the other side a door to the hallway. There was a third door to a dining room, but fortunately our contractor was able to take out almost the entire wall between the two rooms. Unfortunately, he has to build back part of the wall because he didn't realize all of the pipes were right there and it's not in our budget to move them. I wish I had a photo to post!

The dilemma now is that we have to change our kitchen layout. We no longer can place our ovens and cooktop in the area where the pipes are, and we do not have enough room to add an island. If we did, it would be a really small island and may look odd.

Our contractor suggested moving our fridge to the "pipe" location and moving the ovens/cooktop to the other side of the kitchen where the fridge and pantry was supposed to go. We won't have a lot of cabinets, so we really wanted to build a big pantry around the fridge.

Has anyone seen two single ovens side-by-side with a cooktop centered? Will this look strange? i can't seem to find photos online. Also, the ovens are Bosch electric convection (27 or 30"?) and the cooktop is a Dacor gas 36".


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I couldn't find pictures of that either, but I considered the same thing. My cooktop is electric and I considered putting in a 2 burner gas over the 2nd oven. Someone here has a deep fryer built in beside their cooktop, or maybe it's part of the cooktop.

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Marti8a, thanks for your quick reply! My husband was suggesting we buy one of those grill things for over the second oven. I can't picture how it would look and can't seem to find photos online for that either. We won't have a lot of counter space, so the centering of the cooktop may be a better use of space... I just hope that it doesn't look too odd! I'm also not sure how mixing appliance brands will look... I tend to lean towards consistency, but we got such a great deal on the Dacor. Rangehood, dishwasher, etc etc are all Bosch stainless.

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Am I understanding you, that you will put the ovens underneath the cooktop? It just seems to me that you will lose the advantages of having separate cooktop and wall ovens, ex., not having to stand in front of the oven to cook and having the oven placed higher so you don't bend as far to use it or look into it. Is there any way you can put the ovens up higher in a cabinet and put drawers under the cooktop?

I know I always suggest this, and it seems that mine is the only neighborhood in North America with this situation, but here goes. Many houses on my street have the kitchen next to the garage, so we put our wall ovens actually in the wall out into the garage. Any chance that would help you?

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I don't know your layout, of course, but I agree with Ginny about wondering about other possibities.

First, your question: I think function that explains placement makes a lot of things look fine. If it were my kitchen and the best layout for me, I'd probably be perfectly happy appearancewise, even more if it were only on view for people in the kitchen, i.e., not part of the main view into the kitchen.

In my actual kitchen, I have a 36" stovetop over a 30" (white) drawer stack, and next to that on the left is my (white) oven and to the right of it a 36" (white) drawer stack. I did the 36 stove over 30 cabinet at our son's suggestion to harvest a couple more inches for a wider corner cabinet door.

It's been excellent. The cabinets and oven blend together and look good. The island tends to hide the oven from the main entry anyway, and the drawers under the stove look better than an oven would. Nobody's ever seemed to notice the slightly unusual configuration, and we all are very pleased with how it looks. The dominating wood hood between windows over the stovetop contributes by pulling the eye there so that the undercounter area just becomes part of the background. But I don't think it needs that help.

Babbling on, but it's about being a little different. Ido really appreciate that I don't have to stand in front of an oven door to cook, and two people can be at the oven and stove at the same time. The stack directly under the stove holds stuff I need there *right there*, which is just perfect. Would do it exactly the same all over again.

So, yes, I think you're probably on the right track in thinking out of the box, but if the ovens could move where you don't have to work in front of them and be replaced with stuff you use at the stove, that would be nice.

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Is this what you are thinking about doing?

Or perhaps you could put them in an island like this:
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This is from a real estate listing for a house (whole listing is linked below). It shows what I believe to be a pair of 27" ovens under a 30" cooktop. I dislike the kitchen, and think the cooktop and ovens are poorly positioned in the layout, but I don't think it looks bad as a thing to do.

Here is a link that might be useful: Complete listing

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We have that setup...inherited it from PO. I actually love it, but one of the reasons we just renovated was that we didn't have any storage in the island in front of the cooktop. We had one of those cart-type islands and so we didn't have a convenient place for the pots and pans. If you can find a place to keep your pots and pans that is close, go for it. Otherwise...rethink.

Oh, and don't compromise on space on either side of the cooktop either, make sure you have plenty of space to put ingredients headed to the pot, spoons, etc.

In the end, you'd get better advice here if you posted your new layout and let people chew on it a little. Lots of great layout thinkers here!!

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Annie Deighnaugh

Seems to me you might benefit from stacking ovens if wall space and counter space are at a premium....

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I have two 30" ovens side-by-side below a 48" 6 burner cooktop, and I love the arrangement. It's never a problem cooking on the stovetop while both ovens are baking, and I enjoy being able to easily check on the ovens while working at the cooktop. This arrangement is centered on a long wall of counters and cupboards and looks quite nice. We need a lot of counterspace, so having the ovens below the cooktop preserved that. I like the arrangement so much that we're going to keep it in our kitchen update.

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I love what Badger found for you - I do love my stacked single ovens (if one dies, I can replace just the problem child) and love not having to squat down to get items out of the ovens.

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Thanks for all of the responses! I really wish we had more options, but unfortunately, our space is extremely limited. I forgot to mention that our kitchen also has a door to the basement and a radiator that we are trying to work around!

The area for our ovens and cooktop is similar in size to the photo youngdeb posted above- one oven will be in the old kitchen and the other in the old dining room. Thankfully we didn't have any surprises on that side of the kitchen and they were able to take out the entire wall.

I never thought this would be so stressful!

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