Lighting options for glass cabs with wood shelves

peony4September 24, 2013

Hello! I have a row of upper white cabs with glass doors and wood shelves (two 36-inch and one 18-inch, so symmetry is 5 doors). They hold white, everyday dishes and glassware, so not showcase.

Yesterday the electrician installed LED tape lights inside the front of the doors, top to bottom (as well as under counter). Looking straight on, the lighting is very nice and symmetrical, and the strips are hidden (albeit too blue, but we're addressing that).

However, standing at the sink or sitting at the peninsula, the angle is such that we can see the strip of lights going up the inside of the cabinets. I told my GC I feel like I have Xmas tree lights strung inside my beautiful white cabinets!

He came over this morning, and we discussed these options (in each one, UCL would remain):

1. Install a small piece of trim inside front of cabinets, next to tape lights, to hide them. My concern is how this will impact the light emanating inside the cabinets.

2. Remove all tape lighting inside the cabinets, and place a hidden row on top of cabinets to illuminate the approx. 8 inches from top of cabinets to ceiling.

3. Place tape lighting along top *inside* of cabinets, so only the top shelves of cabinets are lit.

If you have LED tape lights insight your glass cabinets, how did you manage to hide them from sight?

If you have glass cabinets with wood shelves, what other lighting options did you explore?

I'm not opposed to *not* having lighting inside the cabinets. But since there is already a dedicated dimmer switch for the area, I should explore options.

Any suggestions are appreciated.

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I used LED tape lights too and just did them on the top shelf.

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Thank you, GWlolo! Your choice is my favorite option that I have so far. I can live with just the top shelf illuminated if I don't have to look at LED lights running down the sides of my cabinets.

Does anyone else have input on hiding LED tape lights inside cabinets with glass doors and wood shelves?

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Do you have frameless cabinets?
Here is a diagram of them on framed cabinets-Is this where you have them?
We place them in the corner behind the cabinet rail (not door) usually with a small angled strip in the corner to direct them, shorten the shelves by 1/2". Never see them. Pic is insets but note the side access glass to the dining area- lights are unseen.

For frameless you can route the sides and install a flush track with a diffuser but I wouldn't want to do that on already installed cabinets.

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