OT Help! How much "creeking" is okay?

BlackChamoisSeptember 23, 2012

I just had engineered wood floors installed (glued down over cork) as part of my kitchen remodel. I think the installers did a pretty sloppy job as I noted in my original post.

My main question is, how much creeking is okay? It is certainly not excessive, but here and there. I just don't know what to expect with a glue-down application.

I've had one disappointment after another throughout the entire project and I'm getting burned out with the contractors doing sloppy work. The floors were installed by a separate company and not through my GC.

My kitchen cabs are scheduled to go in soon, and will be placed ontop of the floors so of course I want to address any issues asap.

I'm really just not sure what is reasonable to expect.

Thank you!!!

Here is a link that might be useful: Original Post

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Can you live with it? Is it a reasonable complaint? If the answer to 1st question is NO and 2nd question is YES, then I'd bring it up with them.

I'm dealing with a poor GC now so I'm in the same boat with you. But if something's not to your liking, speak up while they can do something about it.

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Hi berardmr! Thanks! And I am so sorry for what you are going through with your contractor too. I saw your post re: your floors. You have very legit concerns.

Could I live with this (a few creeks)? Yes, I guess I could. I really just didn't know if creeking was normal with glue-down.

I do have some other concerns about the way they "fixed" the individual pieces that had issues, and the fact that they even used boards that were defective so I will be talking with my sales person today.

Good luck with your project! I hope your issues get resolved quickly and the work can move ahead! I understand how frustrating it is!!

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You might check in the flooring forum, but as I understand it, creeking is a result of the joists, what's under the floor, not the floor itself.

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Hope you're not up the creek with all those creaks. ;)

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