breakfast room/Master Suite addition suggestions?

rjl443September 9, 2013

Hi there - we are almost finished with our kitchen renovation, then found out that my DH has a bad knee and it would be better if he could not have to go up/down stairs in our house.

We have looked at moving but we are in a high cost of living area (MD outside DC) so land is $ and one-level houses are also.

We are considering adding a MBR suite and possibly breakfast room into our house. One of the contractors we talked to came up with an idea we really liked for a breakfast/sunroom addition. Our house is 1978 and the back half is not that wise so it might really open up things.

Suggestions, ideas, thoughts?

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the blue shaded are the potential additions. Any suggestions are appreciated!

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Instead of a door to the MBR right off the dining room, I'd suggest creating some sort of hallway as the "entrance" to the MBR.

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