Anyone use The Cabinet Joint- RTA online co. ?

boops2012September 17, 2013

They have Scherr- that has gotten good reviews on here. Just wondering if any GW'ers have any experience with this co.?Trying to narrow down the cabinet quotes Ive gotten.

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Are you sure they sell Scherr? I thought they sold Conestoga cabinets. If its, Scherr, why not just buy direct from Scherr?

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I've purchased from The Cabinet Joint; Brian Long is great. Definitely Conestoga, though. There are a number of us on this forum who have purchased from him / Conestoga's RTA solution. Note that Conestoga makes the doors and drawer fronts for many high end companies. Their RTA solution is a nice solution for a mid range cabinet.

Here's a picture of the interiors of the cabinets. The vertical dividers and spice racks on the door do not come with the cabinets (DH retrofitted these), but this may give you a feel for how they look. Note the nice interior and solid shelves.

Good luck!

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They have Conestoga.

If you were to do a search on them, you'd find many people have used them and are quite happy.

I can put together a wall cabinet in about 10 minutes, and that's including waiting for the glue to set.
Brian Long is right on top of things and amazingly communicative, given how I think he might be the one sales guy -- or even the one guy! I don't know.

As of last week, they don't sell Sherr's. I am talking with them about buying some beaded inset face frames.

Can't say enough good things about this outfit.

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I've been dealing with Rick at The Cabinet Authority. This company is exactly the same type of distributor for Conestoga Cabinets as The Cabinet Joint. Rick has a world of patience, and their product is excellent quality.

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Oops. I apologize. It is Conestoga.
oldbat2be- Thanks for the photos.They do look good. it helps to get a visual as that sometimes is difficult when purchasing items online,
Thanks everyone for the replies.

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We just received our refacing materials from the Cabinet joint yesterday. They are Conestoga, not Scherr. I am very impressed with the quality, and packed well, not a scratch or a dent on anything. Brian was very helpful, answered my many questions and concerns with much patience. Now, a question for those of you who have done refacing. It seems there are a lot of different opinions on applying the veneers. We bought the PSA type, to make it easier. Yet some DIY sites say to use contact cement in addition to the preglued veneers, just to ensure a long lasting bond. Others say don't use contact cement if you are using PSA veneers, then there are some who say use water based contact cement, then some say don't use the water based kind, etc. It's very confusing. We don't want to do this job just to have it peel off in a couple of years, so what is best? How well does that PSA really veneer stick? Please, if you can give me the pros and cons I would much appreciate it.

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Oldbat2be, Conestoga sure looks like nice cabinets! I will have to look into the Cabinet Joint! Thank you everyone!

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Sophie Wheeler

Lynn unless you are DIY, doing put together cabinets makes zero economic sense. Contractor labor will more than eat up any dollar difference.

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Hollysprings, thanks for reminding me. Unfortunately, I not that handy. I sure wish I would meet a handy husband!

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I am going to look for someone handy and see what they would charge me to help me as I would love to have hardly any fillers and I love the style doors and colors of these cabinets that look so nice.

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Lynn2006, get handy.
I'm one who can say that to you because I put my money where my tools are.

These cabinets are easy to put together. I did it myself before I made myself handy.
Let me tell you, "finding" someone handy comes with all kinds of baggage.
If you're going to not do it yourself, definitely pay someone. Then you have a right to have it done your way, and complain if it isn't.

The videos at The Cabinet can tell you if you think it's too much to attempt for you. All I need to do this is a hammer, glue, and clamps. (For which bungee cords can be substituted.) Brian (the owner) is very helpful and incredibly patient with someone afraid of doing it wrong. Now, I'm probably one of his biggest success stories!

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Thank you CEFreeman! After this week of deadlines, I am going to watch the video. I really would love the beaded inset like you are looking at.

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Highly recommend Rick at Cabinet Authority. Patient and professional and stands behind any mistakes and issues (not many).

Conestoga is top quality and our kitchen (95%) complete is looking great due to the conestoga cabinet quality. Would have done just a few things differently but actually surprised how good it turned out.

Would I do it again? Uhhh was a lot of work and detail but then again I did everything from the demo, to the cabinet assembly, installation, plumbing, electrical, venting, lighting, gas line, etc. Was much more work and time than expected. Lots of measuring, removing, measuring again, lots of hand tweaking to get right and level in the install. Everything has to go in a particular order. Just note, if you are having an installer put in cabinets correctly and you have a lot of panels, special configs that you want just right, you will need to find a patient installer who has a great attention to detail. Having an installer say they will come in and "knock it out in 1 day" is asking for trouble and a bad job. There is no way to install, shim, scribe, level, tweak, install, attach doors, tweak hinges, attach dishwasher, etc ,etc, etc, in a day or two unless you have a super simple setup and 10 installers at once (then you are asking for a hack job).

Can be done but know what you are getting into. Takes many special tools and patience to measure and double check everything as you go. Assembly was fairly easy although you have to know a couple tips to save frustration (i.e. - install inset hinges before assembling cabs). Installation was much more work to get everything level and exact (frames tight and perfect). I had a pretty complicated island that I designed with many panels that had to go together just right. Also, had to design and fabricate a range hood because we didn't like the stock ones.

While I highly recommend Conestoga for their quality and price, it is a lot of work if you are doing it yourself. Recommend an installer and subs for plumbing, electrical, etc.

Our kitchen looks really good and we saved a TON of money. There is no way to get a kitchen of this quality for this price so while we have high end semi custom cabinets now - it took a lot of sweat to get them - not sure if the tradeoff is worth it but we had a fixed budget and wanted quality.

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One more thing.
We got to about the limit of "customization" with Conestoga. We ran up against some things you just couldn't do with RTA cabinets.
We accomplished 99% of what we wanted but had to be super creative with how we did some things (custom face frames, island panels, etc)..
The thing that limited us was the painted finish from Conestoga - it is a great painted finish (frosty white) but very hard to duplicate if you wanted the perfect finish of the factory painted conestoga cabs. So we avoided any site painted pieces so we had a perfect match. That means, ordering some painted plywood panels, filler pieces, moldings, etc. that you had to really calculate ahead of time. I never like putting together pre painted accessory pieces like moldings because unless you get them just perfect, you can't caulk and paint them to look perfect. So you have to really think through how you will use pre painted items. Also, if you put together prefab and pre painted pieces, there is no way to avoid seams. While not a big deal, you really have to consider where the seams will show and how you can work around that or live with it. For example, we had our end cabinets face frame stiles extended to cover the a decorative panel put of the side of the visible cabinet - this put the seam on the side and looks good but there is still a seam (I am probably the only one who notices it though).

just some things to think about. If you do decide to do it yourself, I HIGHLY recommend watching ALL the Cabinet Joint videos online to see some tips, tricks and what you may be getting in to.

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goodguy2k2k - do you have any photos you can share of your finished kitchen? I'm interested in seeing the reveal and didn't see it posted elsewhere. Thanks!

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