Backsplash before granite counter installation?

tnomSeptember 13, 2012

CAn you install tile backsplash before the counter is put in?

The issue is, The granite installation got postponed by couple of weeks because the shop does not have enough slabs in stock. They have put it for order.

SO my contractor said, he ill do the backsplash.

i am not sure if that is good idea.

Please suggest

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I wouldn't!

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Not a good idea - you want to install the backsplash after the counter so that you can make sure they're installed at the exact right height above the counter and to cover any gaps between the counters and the wall.

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Bad idea.

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Nope, and don't let him talk you into tiling from the top down and leaving the last couple rows of tiles until after the counters are installed.

Your last row of tiles is under the cabinet so that where you like to put your cut tiles if everything lays out well that way. Ideally, your first tile that is next to your granite is whole and you work your way up (with whole tiles) until the cut tile under the cabinet. Tiling down won't look as nice.

And if he tiles up, leaving enough room to slip your granite in, he is going to leave too big a gap between the first row and the granite.

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