Does the homeowner get charged for cabinet fixes/changes?

phiwwySeptember 18, 2012

Mid-install and due to a few issues, KD is making a few adjustments. on the uppers, there was extra space (not sure why) so rather than a filler, we're adding a spice pullout (I'm ordering/paying for the pullout). On the lowers, again extra space and I did not want a filler. They are remaking an adjacent end cabinet to add the space. The trash pullout did not work like a trash pullout - the door opened then the rollout tray would have to be pulled out by the top of the garbage can. they're reworking that. Then there is the island potential issue/change

I was just wondering - is it typical for KDs to charge for such revisions? He has not mentioned it, but I feel I should bring it up so I'm not surprised. Thanks.

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I'm having similar issues as you and sometimes it just feels like things will never be done right. Anyway, I think the question of cost comes down to who is at fault and what you would have done if the measurements had been correct the first time. I assume your KD did the measurements and not you? If you had been given three extra inches in the kitchen, would you have put in a spice rack or would you have just made one of the cabinets bigger? If the spice rack is literally only to save the KD from having to pay for a whole brand new cabinet, then it's probably on them to pay for it, since a slightly bigger cabinet would have been very little more in cost if done right first. If you would have put the rack in anyway, I would say you might want to pay for at least half.

Are your cabinets custom or semi-custom? That makes some difference too. There are some things that might get a pass in semi-custom that wouldn't in custom.

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I made it clear - If I changed the plans - I was responsible - if the KD messed up - she was responsible....

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Correct - I did not do the measurements. With 3 inches, would have just added on to the cabinets. I honestly don't mind buying the spice racks. I just don't want to pay for anything to be rebuilt. I am sure it will all work out, just wanted to ask the question. I will bring it up with KD. Thanks.

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